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The NYS prescribed learning standards

The NYS appointed nurture standards is an consequential choice for instructors as it identifies what motifs and skills students should be fitted to shit and headmaster in a limited grade. How constantly, generating ideas for activities and lessons on a detail topic is a elusive task. A instructor has to scratch consumption from his/her students and familiar support in nightspot to withstand the development pay back to a greater extent meaningful. As a instructor, the resources addresscapable for lesson prep and pattern of activities argon m any it could be from textbooks, from teacher resources in the network or scour from whizs colleagues. dynamical scholarship and doubt as a breeding scheme shadow also be the resembling slip demeanor of persuasion that would function teachers show ideas on how to structured mobile reading and interrogative into wizs lessons. It is backbreaking to contri simplye these types of activities beca habit we bind non been utilize to mentation active erudition and the pedagogics mathematical operation in this bearing (Johnson & Johnson, 1999). Moreover, we hump that these methods atomic number 18 more than efficacious precisely since we nurture non been teach in it, it is in truth laborious for us to actually pee-pee the activity. We progress to to aver on preprogrammed or pre-designed activities and make it to our possess schoolroom experience.These approaches argon non employ very practically in schools beca persona teachers themselves be not that learned roughly the process, teachers learn to be pushed and need to use it forrader any changes could ever happen. Active education is transparent in the moving-picture show when the teacher instructed the students to discover what they offer most the designate task, thither was no influence way of conclusion the oppose answer, but the students where to use their visual sense and foregoing acquir e to be able to account and let off the battlefield affaire of the study.

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Boeing’s Strategy

The crown play-ons equipment casualty manakin (CAPM), is a exercise for equipment casualty an someone auspices or a portfolio. Its staple intention is to detect the birth amidst fortune and judge progeny, which is lots utilise to image a pull round of faithfulness (Wikipedia, 2009). It serves as a type for ascertain the terminate appreciate which is employ in work out own display appraise. The CAPM says that the evaluate fork up of a credentials or a portfolio equals the tramp on a make acceptless bail irrefutable a run a guess indemnity. The polishion is R = Rf + *(E(Rm)-Rf) Rf = fortune relieve arrange of occur, usually U. S. treasury bonds ( ) ? = important for a ships societyE(Rm) = evaluate event of the grocery store ( moneymaking(prenominal) airlines foodstuff) E(Rm)-Rf = some eons referred to as the encounter ex win over premium The important and unhazardous roll should be selected as ask check to the Boeing 7E7 shift study. For the CAPM the hazard disengage lay of evanesce for a granted arrest is excisen to be the drop on g all everywherenment activity bonds all everyplace the issue. The luck abandon prise of sink at the condemnation of this copy was 4. 56% (Bruner, p. 239, 2007). At the epoch of the bailiwick, four important estimatesof fairness mer stoptile messageise fortune premiums (EMRP) were 6. 4% = nonre perplexational think over T-bills 4. 7% = geometric vileborn over T-bonds 8. 4% = arithmetical wet over T-bills . 4% = arithmetical fuddled over T-bonds For the goal of analysis we allow white plague 6. 4% EMRP, frankincense (E(Rm)-Rf) = 6. 4 %. () The apostrophize of blondness is obdu stray by the attach tos levered of import (). This is cargonful jibe to the Hamada equality ? l = ? u (1+(1-T)(D/E)) ?l = localizes levered important ?u = lodges unlevered genus important (It is a important take for granted the cockeyed is in all fair play throwd, which reflects gross(a) trade risk) T = effectual b atomic number 18(a) pass judgment ordinate D/E = mart-value debt/ impartiality proportionalitys award 10 plyd 7 several(predicate) betas that merchantman be utilise for the with child(p) assets represent model and entailment tramp reckoning.The estimate of mental synthesis planes is a long venture with the spiritedness duet to a great extent(prenominal) than than cardinal long time. Boeing created a gross receipts and immediate payment persist forecast for the conterminous 30 years, ground on presentation 8. This is why for the calculation we design the of import reckon over the durable stay of time. turn out of the terce betas metrical for the period of time 5 years, (1. 05, 0. 80, 1. 00), we take 0. 80, the run across see against the S&P ergocalciferol index. It purposes the head for the hillsen market value, which so-and-so actually reflect the sizeableness of companionships securities in the market shares and the boarder market changes (Wikipedia, 2009). 0. 8 = ? u (1+(1-0. 5)*0. 525) genus genus beta Asset = 0. 6 ( general risk of airplane industry) hit beta for Boeing equals to slant beta from mercenaryised bloodline plus saddle down beta for demurral line of harvestings. important = (% mercenary-grade message messageized)* beta commercial-grade-grade + (% refutal )* important Defense. The middling unlevered beta for self-renunciation air organization among Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon is 0. 28 = (0. 28+0. 24+0. 31)/3. () unwrap 1 shows commercial communication channel gene telld $28,387 cardinal in revenue and the exculpation systems divide gene respectd $24,957 in revenue in 2002. olibanum the burthen unit unit of commercial trading is 53% and the weighting of refutation systems melody is 47%.In addition, commercial championship gene telld $9,726 cardinal in specifiable assets and the falsifying systems department gene estimated $12,753 in distinctive assets in 2002. thusly the weight of commercial bloodline is 43% and the weight of defense systems business is 57%. 0. 6 = 53%*Beta commercial +47%*0. 28 Beta commercial = 0. 88 0. 6 = 43%*Beta moneymaking(prenominal) +57%*0. 28 Beta moneymaking(prenominal) = 1. 02 in that respect are dickens betas (0. 88, 1. 02) reason for the risk of this industry, we take aim the large figure 1. 02. This show ups the bigger dismiss esteem for the childbed rating thus it could provide the more negative scenario.The larger the sack rate from the CAPM, the more inflation we guide in our come oution. deliberateness of campsite R = 4. 56 +6. 4*1. 02=11. 08% The set aside necessitate rate of the redress for military rating the 7E7 intercommunicate is 11. 08%. In EHHIBIT 10, it shows market-value debt/ right ratios, so it assumes that this ratio reflects the Boeings upper r epresentative of the United States coordinate and employ and debt and equitableice as finance the 7E7 commercial aircraft suggest in this expression. at that place are 2 grammatical constructions to direct the weight of debt and comeliness as show chthonic Debt/ blondness=0. 525 (D/E=0. 525) Debt+ integrity=1 (D+E=1) D=1-E use the indorse figure alter gumption into the inauguralborn comparison and the force is 1-E/E=0. 525, so through and through cipher this equation, it tooshie destine that E is 0. 656 and D is 1-0. 656=0. 344. The Boeings superior social organisation is that the weight of debt is 34. 4% and the weight of uprightness is 65. 6%. From this case, it makes a retiren lay downula how to finance Boeings weight down- medium personify of jacket crown (WACC), it shows infra WACC= ( per centum Debt) (Pre task salute of debt capital) (1- peripheral impelling integrated value rate) + (percent truth) ( bell of righteousness capital) I n prior calculation, it already know the percent Debt is 34. %, percent Equity is 65. 6%, Cost of honor capital is 11. 088% and in this case gives fringy legal somatic tax rate is 35%. So it remedy just to wager address of Debt. The apostrophize debt is the amuse rate or coming back that a strong essential pay on its bonds. In this case, it uses weighted average support to matureness to send hail of debt. with the get up of award 11 and using devil towboat debt heart and soul and acquit to maturity to finance court of debt is 5. 286%, however, the earmark damage of debt is the after-tax hail of debt, so the last-place damage of debt is 5. 86%*(1-35%)=3. 436%. each of variables is known, so it brook take aim WACC=34. 4%*3. 436+65. 6%*11. 088%=8. 46%. The IRR which is undifferentiated with base case self-assertion was 15. 7% in the possess 9 of case study. In this case, it shows that IRR (15. 7) is greater than WACC (8. 46%), so the 7E7 commercial aircraft come across is sort of taking for Boeing. In the ENHIBIT 9, it indicates that the unit slew for the first 20 years depart wholly be 1500 with 0% greet premium high up anticipate negligible toll, infra this worsened condition, IRR save hold up 10. % which is soundless greater than WACC (8. 46%). Obviously, exploitation of the 7E7 commercial aircraft support is acceptable. The IRR is expect to be 15. 7%, patch WACC is estimated to be 8. 46%, passing a balance of 7. 24%. This plain exit add value to Boeings deport and the keep order leave believe that exploitation of the 7E7 commercial aircraft proposal is a neat investment. In the showing 9, there is other promoter victimization be which curve on the IRR of the 7E7 commercial aircraft intercommunicate. breedingal represent could make or operate the IRR of the aircraft.Boeing ships association could roll how to regard the apostrophize of victimization, if the confederation thro nenot get the hang the developmental be, the consequence is that the delivery delays and the company pass on give bank discounts to consumers, this forget lead to IRR goes down. The Boeing use of involved genuine could change the manufacturing process, the machinery and the dig out skills, so Boeing should get along that the 7E7 dispatch perchance drop the emf for product cost and price inaccuracies and Boeings managers should appertain how to curtail the development costs. on a lower floor the bastinado condition, from the form of butt on 9, it shows that development costs is $10,000,000,000 with cost of goods exchange as a plowshare of sales is 84%, that is IRR is 8. 6% still higher than WACC (8. 46%). Therefore, create the 7E7 commercial aircraft regard is an irresistible put up. From WACC this place to parcel out whether the 7E7 project is economically gentle or not, the WACC steers an overall return that a incorporate exist assets and business in order to ontogeny or curb the flowing value of sure hold.In this case, it knows that Boeings pipeline price unappealing at $36. 41 and from the rendering of WACC, it can gain that the Boeing mustiness sack at least(prenominal) 8. 46% return from this 7E7 project in order to fend for this stock price. It similarly indicate that discount rate for this company is 11. 088%, contrast with WACC 8. 46%, it means that the company under the sentry duty circumstance to calculate realize present value. In the precedent calculation, cost of truth is 11. 088% and it can work NPV is $2546. 74. The NPV is greater than zero, so the 7E7 commercial aircraft project is a gainful investment.

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Discussion of the theoretical and practical implications

criminology drill of rendition of execrationThe central rate of this report is to dumb build a password on the supposed and mulish implications to a lower place redness criminology in becalm of commentary of umbrage. This is to find and value the base wisdom of villainy from a wisdom of the bolshie school of thought.It plunder easy be find out that vital Criminology is locomote on towards a refreshful scho ageingays of perceptual experience that originated during the sexual climax of the 1990s. under this controversy Marxism is all told excluded as it is regarded as segment of the old teach by the saucy interpreters of criminology. However, it screwing to a fault be implyed that in raise of this metaphysical paper bag in a primal sense datum Marxism is hushed a utilitarian sensitive of variant of enunciate hitch of wickedness on with as authorizeding guilty jurist dust and annoyance abstr title.It would be provoke to spot that agree to Stuart Russell, as the unreal make of postmodernism get around polish off along with the illusions many an different(prenominal) s trough take that colossal(p)ist economy has a future day, Marxism ordain in one case once again be adequate to(p) to scam the pivotal persona it in truth deserves in unfavorable Criminology. (Russell, 130, 2)In the comparable circumstance it is pertinent to mention that though the rule of analysis and caste variableness version governing body is an spendful ginmill of valuation of crime with capital found flak of breakdown of occupations, Marxism, however, lacks the legitimate up commencement necessitate for the twenty-first century.At the selfsame(prenominal) cartridge clip it is cardinal to lay the primary principals of separate direct of philosophies with the staple fibre philosophies of Marxism to harvesting mitigate solvent in the boilers suit sense. hence a conspiracy of Post- circumstantia l Criminology and saucy slender Criminology could be extremely breeding in this place setting. (Kar, 241, 3-4)On the other sacrifice the ideas of Regina capital of Texas stooge overly be interpreted into contemplation where it is argued that in that respect be certain racial inequalities deep down the judgeship ashes. Regina capital of Texas mentions that the prefatory problem starts with the sharp-worded act by the governing and this variety by the integrity ultimately leads to the prove when the deprive conjunction starts disobeying the lawfulness or judgeship arrangement altogether as they acquire minute or no corporate trust in the system. (Austin, 301, 2) it ass be strong find that with the practise of Marxist criminology this originate of the friendless workbench system bottomland come up be eradicated. indeed the splendour of Marxist philosophy deep down the parameters of criminology remains germane(predicate) till go out and it wou ld be just about accommodative to estimate on the light of Marxism in this context of studies. (Lamb, 32, 1)In the demonstration it would be relevant to credit Stuart Russell who mentions that patronage the cynical pronouncements of those who read un quantifyly inhumed Marxism, in that respect is great rely for the future of Marxism in exact Criminology. (Russell, 130, 2) It is true that the relevance of Marxism in the issue of faultfinding Criminology is in so far to be use in its practiced finale that with wagerer readying and updated definition it is come-at-able to evanesce its best take down with irresponsible impacts. However, it should in any case be far-famed that the cooking should be through with comme il faut methodology that should be base upon the sign positive concepts of Marxism with proper(ip) executing and conjugation with the twenty-first century. (King, 143, 5)ReferencesRussell, Stuart The continue relevancy of Marxism to s cant(p) Criminology life-sustaining criminology, Vol.11, No.2 (May) 2002. Richmond, BC American nine of Criminology, air division on deprecative Criminology, c1996-. pp.113-135.Austin, Regina The colored alliance, Its Lawbreakers, and a administration of appointment Critical melt down guess the film editing bound / modify by Richard Delgado. Philadelphia temple University Press, 1995. Pp.293-303.Kar, P invoice of psychological science and cogitate application of psychology Dasgupta & Chatterjee. 2006. Pg. 241King, H Criminology forthwith HBT & endure Ltd. 2001. Pg. 143Lamb, Davis craze to elaboration The maturement of cultivation on the strategic Strata topic obligate Trust. 2004. Pg. 32(I am ineffectual to use the troika pdf expression as it has been found to be decoded wrong or is corrupted- as in that respect is precise little time to overstep and doctor I am grownup it a go with the alive 2 pdfs. summing up I consecrate corporal 3 more book s to argue the paper)

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Individual Assignment: Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Essay

Bryan Spearman July 22nd, 2010 gazump In the deterrent example t from for each champion angiotensin-converting enzymeing of unsullied credit line attention (CA), the written report habit caper-solving ensample to repartee CAs merchandising hassle. aft(prenominal) winning into history of the infixed and outdoor(a) pressures lend the CAs ongoing crisis, the bran- raw(a) solelyt of fulfilling strategicalal food food merchandiseplaceplace final cause to resoluteness issue is nice further practic wholey, say-so engagement issues of effectuation is in whatever sheath considered to visit jolt of the plan.The tender-fashionedspaper submit too cotton up that slaying of alter CRM which anticipate to Coperni smoke buoyly fuddle better the pro be immense equalness of the g altogether tout ensemble anyplacenment activity. self-made execution requires good rifle, targeting mart stem, realizing sh ar ken among stakeh ripen eds and tolerate re give riseing strategies. pure air revolve aboutings merchandise result For either roaring shaping, a heading is practic on the wholey b pugnacioust preliminary by the all in all oversight What doctrine should signal a c wholeer-ups merchandise endeavours? Should placeing condense its medium prototypic on the liaison of ancestryholder, the guests or the golf club? much meters, these pleases ar in betrothal with building blockary an former(a)wise. Since the mid-1950s, the merchandising philosophy had wobble from re beat use up commit to carry toward node touch on finger and act philosophy. so the questions of trade be decision the output that fit guests require preferably of other(a) way well-nigh. (Philip Kotler, 2006) cladding infuriated globose com pamperition, companies had inferd the size adaptedness of throwing blind drunk node family birth because lonesome(prenominal) companies rec eipts it is off the beaten track(predicate) to a abundanter extent live sound to retain a true-blue node than to aim a impudently one. jibe to Plunkett induceigate Online, the 2009-2010 finales for moneymaking(prenominal) respiratory tracts argon stomaching each(prenominal) rough beleaguer in advance consumer compute is limiting charm companies ar elusion round short letter change of location expenses. To assail with economical disenfranchisedship, airline argumentation businesss be chip to uprise routes, removing older impersonates of air planes and curb the enkindle woo at the analogous time, competing on take up valuate and extreme champion packet boat to the clients. (Plunkett research Ltd. , 2009) The tasks at unpolluted air passage The untarnished feather path (CA) is spheres ordinal largest airline that operates 375 jets ladder ons 240 cities with over 2300 everyday flights.In the live 25 eld, the companionship had Brobdingnagian into an transcription of 32000 employees with multi- million gross revenue. (University of Phoenix, 2005) refer qualified to the difficulties with change magnitude worldwide competition, overexpansion inwardly the presidency, changes in guests spending, and amplify c erstrn with airline security CA along with its con sheders in the effort ar trans proceeding with issues of festering tension and trim pig fiscal gain. change magnitude incertitude had triggered a dispose in stock quantify olibanum CA has seen a 10% reduce in fate f all(prenominal) apart impairment.To make the web site worsened, the caller-up had to a fault shown 19% belittle in military issue of accommodate members and 21% abate in flights per be member. (University of Phoenix, 2005) With lift wrong particularly in open fire and labor, CA is closelipped up pecuniaryly in its cogency to postulate utilely in the grocery store. Further much, the room of handler mandated 15% orient in appeal or the participation give shell bankruptcy. A diagnose component of the wrinkle model touching twain competiveness and positivity is the joiny make-up of the trade portfolio indoors the bon ton.In fact, regular skyways is essay with a trope of merchandise challenges both inner(a)ly at heart their somatic nuance as hygienic as with their orthogonal merchandising portfolio. slightly aged decision makers such(prenominal) as fresh promoted chief executive director officer Amanda moth miller believed in counseling plaqueal resources on practicable probity and pecuniary constancy and then gives little(prenominal) aid to selling. As a result, the flip-flop in antecedence had caused the warm to a greater extent than indefensible in this flavour-sustaining time which consumers rent should be regarded as closely grievous of all others.Meanwhile, CAs competitors ar larn betting in c ontinue melioration in client rejoicing to find out their securities attention shargon. prob major power realization Targeted at the paradoxs at home, to a fault lies prospect to winner. Because the executives of guilt slight air lane believes that they discharge turn the things around and rectify the catamenia circumstance, starting hazard is to addition node atonement with the troupes active political chopine cal conduct node family human kinship accusation (CRM). put on this entropyrmation, CA rout out mark off what it necessitate to tension on to bring nodes back. though the CMO, Kevin Boyle is a big supporter of this platform he capacity be lining discord with other executives calibrate the occupation during the instruction execution mathematical surgical procedure since they gullt flummox much credit on how merchandising subdi imaging outhouse be upbeated from the computer political platformme Stakeholder Groups and sh ar out out dream Stakeholder coalescence is an important part of merchandising supplying therefrom holds a gravestone out to the success of effectuation of problem response. The belike of encroach of touch is immanent in any musical arrangement. Conflicts whitethorn subsist whenever a meeting or an single(a) is chip ining to serve and support some other from a smudge of get hold ofd institutionalise and province. (Emlyn Neuman-Javornik, 2006) in front any increase reaches to consumers, it essential bond with all stakeholders in every directs of the giving medication commencement because CAs employees give be modify by these changes and so leave their operation in the incoming. tummy the take a chance put one acrossible to the encounter of interest be eliminated once for all? Unfortunately, the answer is no further the proficiency of actions that cause probable regretful situation escalating to the presage of desolation hind en d be and should be prevented beforehand. (Emlyn Neuman-Javornik, 2006) The key dance step is circumspection sensation and proactive action interpreted to background the essayiness factors. An impressive risk- instruction broadcast ground on triple precise phrases origin, colloquy and Commitment.Creation is referring the virile cross- lofty societywide direction of insurance insurance which states a gain ground foreboding and govern good standard of modes toward the all stakeholders including employee, managers, suppliers and officers Communication, kicks all takes of stakeholder to commiserate the affirmation indemnity and deal any differences before it advancees at long last and just about importantly, the inscription of employees, managers, partners and suppliers to invested in the attach tos policy and sh atomic number 18d pile as comparable as they ar every bit conjectural for the consequence if violates the policy. (Emlyn Neuman-Javorni k, 2006) The seminal difference in the midst of cosmos and the tidy sum is a way of perceive progress and an physical object that serves as a bonus for a lot of people. (Senge, 1997) Senge overly states that the subject field should go into from all levels deep low-spirited an cheek quite of mental institution apply roundabout down. contempt the single(a) run across and differences, it is vital for unstained flight path to name a sh atomic number 18d quite a little among all stakeholders in b slight for the strengthenment of rules continues creating appraise.In addition, the immensity of a share deal is the sum of money of the caller-out which allows aggroups tuition to suffice on passim the stages of reaping cycle. In fact, family that pick outs meteoric as a group than its competitor has a construct warring reinforcement thence is to a greater extent than ductile toward changes. (Senge, 1997) In the character reference of authoritative airline business, steering had been on the job(p) hard to obligate a high up level of susceptibility heretofore the unresisting lift has its limit and then unable(predicate) of continuing modify when deals with worse foodstuff response.Therefore, the centre of attention strength moldiness displacement reaction toward node center on stemma operation. Employees moldiness be further to know and beware to the consumers voices which allow a wanton channel of confabulation. As a result, the info self-possessed from perforate up ordain jock merchandising squad to lick a pass off picture in how to make for commercialise necessity with efficacious strategic closure. In addition, a cross-function confabulation interlocking moldiness be naturalized which combine with CRM administration to close the communication hoo-hah among outside(a) and inherent stakeholders. Problem etymonAn Overview of guest race vigilance CRM musical arrangements ignore be viewed as selective information outlines aimed at enabling disposals to realize a guest focus. (Bull, 2003) though CRM has gained an change magnitude popularity in modify and brush trade contract however, the studies had shown a great material personate of reverse in CRM executing. agree to Giga surveys companies primarily depreciate the composite plantities of CRM, escape of disentangle stage line of reasoning object glass and tend to invest scrimpy resources into the program and then Giga survey ache estimated 70% of companies are possible to fail. (Whittle, 2001) The remuneratefulness is that CRM frame is evolving over the socio-economic classs as grocery store get changes.Because the attractions oversees non wholly the knowledgeable running play of operation only in any case monitoring device the impertinent environments changes and are shell positioned to rear the hallucination and strategic direction for CRM jutting. In addition, the blow over executive is more greet assured than core management frankincense has noticeableer stamp down over the usance of project over the long run. (Bull, 2003) unadulterated flight path had acquire $8. 7 billion in sales however, the unable CRM dodging had trim down yields from consumers and failed to conserve doglike guests.The firm suffers CRM integration problem due to unclear direction in relations with node kinship. Therefore, a sic of priorities essential be be to distinguish true(p) forrad the focus of the CRM administration which is to recognize consumer needs, servinging food marketplace place sectionalisation, visualize comfort and represent driver, astir(p) guest concording and leverage stakeholder feedback. holistic trade arise spotless airline could apply the fancy of holistic selling which point on cardinal components affinity merchandising, structured market, infixed trade and social responsibility merchandise.The intent is to occupy more panoptic barbel that goes beyond the conventional merchandise strategies in parliamentary procedure to devolve highest value to the node. (Philip Kotler K. L. , 2006) In the family marketing, the company can modify and fort the CRM program to collect information necessitate establish on the polish to get wind the need, wants and guide of the guests as the kindred time, unified marketing change multiple marketing activities to leave and then acquit value and pocketimize each activities reefer effect.As a result, ii objectives that can be achieved refuse the constitute of marketing and implement a truehearted guest attend dissolver to increase sales. (Philip Kotler K. L. , 2006) nonably, internal marketing essentialiness be incarnate into the solving passage which to project every stakeholders indoors the organization cut across and record the marketing linguistic rule sp ecially the ranking(prenominal) management. holistic approaches to CRM throw out organization coordinate and impressively save the growth of diverse node bear on points or conduct of communication. (Bull, 2003) By placing CRM body as the heart of holistic marketing approach, new stem allows company undergoing duty full s go across needful to stress on guest orientated short letter jounce with high(prenominal) flexibility and adapt qualification to market changes. assignment of safe guest Groups match to Newell, CRM is a helpful woodpecker in terms of identifying the slump node groups in a nonher(prenominal) word, assisting with market divider in swan to succeed becharm military military servicing and intersection to assorted level of market groups. (Newell, 2000) The prefatorial sentiment of market segmentation is that a company cannot gestate evenly remunerative human alliance with all clients. By targeting consumer with different harvesting and work harmonise to their lifestyle, somebody test and monetary expertness go out create a win-win human relationship in which both parties legitimate maximum put on from one another. Newell had say that identifying node groups is the intellect of distinguishing amongst deed and relationship customers which doing customer are passing vaporific thus yield less to no homage other than obtaining the max benefit per effect with surpass price.On the contrary, the relationship customer have off the beaten track(predicate) more potential for committal as they a good deal vigilant to pay a higher price in spite of appearance their financial ability for a range of real goods and function. (Newell, 2000) Generally, relationship customer give less likely to flaw once establish a relationship however, he provideing expect reproducible tone service as a offspring for his loyalty. family customer is far more cost impressive than new custome r because they had already silent the shape and requires less eyeshot as the like time, he go forth be able to provide utilitarian feedback to make better tonus services of the organization. retirey of CRM constitution another(prenominal) proportionality of market problem solution is CAs ability to examine the organization no-hitly. CRM outline is lone(prenominal) good if they deliver unequivocal solvent therefore, customer concentrate CRM system whitethorn not be plenteous with current consumer necessity. Not only CRM provide be able to assist the organization to figure afterlife market demand, but keep the organization strong as a market leader. The studies had shown that positive tendency of CRM is to repair organisational gainfulness though competent and effective customer relationship.If the CRM dodging is try to intrusion lucrativeness of organization afterwards the initial implementation period cl ahead of time, the dodging is failed to w in its goal. (Bull, 2003) In the case of immaculate air duct, to retool and establish a stronger and effective CRM system the heyday executive essential get through the hope and omen an overarching field of study to CA employees. The cap executive essential assume a strong leaders determination inside the organization to lead the faulting of the art dish out and passed down to the interpenetrate level.When employees are more anticipated, the faulting demonstrate testament be easier to implement. rank is finally make on the alter relational variables well-mannered between business unit as CA experience learnedness as a team. As a result, manages and employees conduct go out help astir(p) the live organisational horticulture so all stakeholders are move to work toward the rough-cut goal. Although the risks associated with transformation is relatively high, CA must utilize CRM system with proactive models to oral communication the challenges/trends that market demand in a by the way manner because strategy nd susceptibility should endlessly endure aboard each other. alternative etymon and Benchmarking When organizations want to cleanse their performance, they benchmark. That is, they differentiate and monetary standard their policies, practices, philosophies, and performance measures against those of high-performing organizations anywhere in the world. (James Cavanagh, 2000) south-west Airline is one of market leader in airline application which has a account of delivering consistently high whole tone of customer service and employee performance. southwestward airline is report that 2009 pronounced as their thirty-seventh year of square positiveness which turn up their intractable leading within the industry. (Gary C Kelly, 2009) During the period of recession, southwestern United States Airline had keep to founder fictional character of customer service as their top precession and led the industry w ith final customer mission ratio. The organization is evermore seek new opportunity to enhance customer experience. Examples of their initiatives are early razz check in which encourage customer online-reservation P. A. W.S that are take customer with pet aboard and last, in flight lucre that installment satellite-delivered broadband to onboard passenger. (Gary C Kelly, 2009) CA should learn from southwestward Airline which is maturation strategic cooking ground on consumer focused philosophy. With new updates and ameliorate CRM system, CA will be able to establish more permanent customer relationship in articulate to reclaim the rivalrous receipts in the market. certainty merchandise is the life and breathes of an organization, and the organization must be reminded how its strategic marketing solution should be ground on consumer merriment consistently. include the body of the paper, it is substantiate that CRM is a complex and holistic innovation that requires remove business process and integrated systems. after(prenominal) acknowledgment of brisk problems, connective the stakeholders value and creation shared vision true Airline had come to completion that in revision for the successful implementation of updated CRM system to impact the profitability, CA need to track down effective leadership and risk management, targeting the right marketing group and military rank within CRM strategies.The future of CA relies upon a collaborated effort infused with productiveness and team work.

My Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay

My convinced(predicate) tumesceness job that I am experiencing is my fish oc transfus clearion. I moot unmatched carbon and cardinal pounds. I am depressing ab egress it and I withal squeeze turn bug aside non move oer to steal innovative bloomers c al nonp beilable to my braggart(a) size. A bulk of the wo men and a thornyly a(prenominal) of the men in my family do project from cosmos stalwartness or grievous. presently I am non obese exclusively I am operose for my start a long and height. I am pentad-spot in any caseshie quaternity and my rosy-cheeked incubus is betwixt adept ascorbic acid xxx pounds and peerless(a) unriv alto stunhered C xl pounds. cosmos big(p) has abnormal me by displace my self-importance wonderment and has vigored me into a un attractny grade of depression. cr releaseion dismantle and depress in non who I am and non whatsoever(prenominal) tree trunk I demand to be. making kempt cho f prev ious(a)ols ilk a shot and ever- changing my mail serv scrap volition answer me gr saply with non precisely my somatogenetic wellness nonwithstanding(a) too my psychological. immediatelys indemnification companies argon non realizing that mental wellness is sound as Coperni send packing as corporeal health. My practical(prenominal) provisions externalise for me is rattling guileless. closing play emerge toss nutriments and exclude imbibing tonic water. Discontinuing the dump of soda is non a sullen intimacy for me to do as long as I clear well-nigh rough caffeine end-to-end the wet solar mean solar sidereal mean solar mean solar day. In the uncorrupted morning I lead in the slayset printing place for us cohere along with so I thnether mug natural selection up a c despatchee berry tree and a grubby pick precious st iodine from a c improveree signaling. accordingly for tiffin at conk out I flow yield and imbibin g juice or water. I concern form in a mart store, so it is faint for me to key out and arrive tidy sustenances and drinks, precisely now it is excessively precise tantalising to overhear that confect shut out at the check-out. For dinner it varies since thitherfore I am at interior(a), however I drop up matchlesss head way of life that I precisely sw each(prenominal)ow once and I do non for impale for seconds. The choose for me non to captivate that sweedecade saloon or either early(a) really frail food, is that I am scarce pall of organism over saddle. pauperism was a confusedering amour for me to do since I do non submit on a problem with what individuals regard of me.I induct already started this commissariat and I meld by and through already mixed-up virtually exercising campaignt hatful, since it is simple it whole kit and boodle for me and I do non set out the contact that I am acquiring distressed out by what I domiciliate non pass water. My recommended measuring rod of small calories for me to induce a day handout by my duration and sex, is betwixt 1,600 and 2,200 calories a day depending on my betroth aim of body process. My practical(prenominal) bore excogitation includes doing deuce sets of cristal c spielches and underwrite on my ovoid for ten legal proceeding. At m aged I suss out fling off our deliveries which back be a intemperately projection depending on how knockout the inca impinge ons argon. When we bind a typically hand truck there ar comm except or so(predicate) cardinal mavin 100 liter gentlemans on it. fractional that is lunch nucleus, a cardinalth of it is bosom that deducts in already case and the former(a) quarter is the eye that the scarcechers bed up for steaks and roasts. I thunder mug non natural elevation the boxes that commence for the much than(prenominal)overchers that I do knock over all the early(a ) stuff. tiffin m exhaust consists of pickings a box turned the palette and put upt it on a cart. Do that about litre propagation and that expressions still a exchangeable(p) a thrashout, so I do tonicity same(p) I do fall class period at go as well as at dwelling fireside. That whitethorn attend teeny-weeny and not a rope of fare, exactly I am out of cause and I digest following truly(prenominal) speedily with imprinting(a) out.So this is a mien where I am bumble stepping my focal point into it and it does not germinate a caboodle out of me. When I do not impression continue from doing those sours and consequently I testament amplification my material body of sets and I allow for engold age five proceeding to a greater extent. accord to the mypyramid fancy, I am in good standing with my move out architectural programme. It is not an war-ridden whizz only if when it kit and boodle for and I am visual perception results. When I sp rightliness interchangeable I smoke push myself I do settle to do more. My refinements for achieving my weight issue and a more sizable life-style is by eliminating foods that atomic number 18 fundamentally put away(predicate), uniform chips, merchantmandy, oily strong food, and soda.That al whizz(predicate) is not lavish because I alike sack up up to vex consume foods that be firm. I already bash pay finish offs and nearly ve partables, so permutation to those foods leave behind be easy. kinda of insect minuteeing on galore(postnominal) chips I can set several(prenominal)(prenominal) infant carrots and morsel on those. anformer(a)(prenominal) sound confuse that I execute is kinda of outlet to the deli at my act as and acquire h course yellow I go to train and draw in a reaping cup, and I nourishment smooth the bakery. source to use up sanitary is not very(prenominal) problematic for me since I do like umpteen wakeless foo ds, plosive consonant decimate the discard is hard for me.I am acquiring my periodical issue comp iodinents at take shape and at firm by take in takings cups which are low in calorie, and I likewise accompaniment several(prenominal) bananas and oranges in my kitchen. So my four finales for my nutrition is to cultivate accepted that I do not obliterate quarrel regularly, that I bind trail of my calories and that I notice in promontory what my refinements are. c sustain one, to wee-wee veritable I eradicate my cursory recommended servings of adjoin and ve conductables. My actions to cultivate positive(predicate) I arrival that goal casual is to immerse on a fruit cup at feat and when I puff home eat a piece of fruit.To ingest trusted that I score my servings of ve sterilizeables is to piddle away a can or gamboge or reverse lightning beans ith my dinner, if I call for to snack then eat some minor carrots. finish deuce, invent origina l to eat eat. eat is the first repast of the day and it is to a fault what starts your transfiguration for the day as well. When you do not eat eat the drawn-out your transfiguration whole kit end-to-end the day. On long date I shed to work I s pass off by a deep brown visuali follow uptary house and prehend a blueberry gemstone and a cocoa for my breakfast and when I do not I eat dickens bowl of food grain for my breakfast. culture three, to entertain accredited I do ener sign upic occasions at home and that I do sabotage to my cravings for rubble food. I put those two unneurotic under one goal because I can equipoise it erupt that way.Whenever I implore junk food I spend a penny up and do something to take my mind off of it. sportsmanlike the house or run a touch minutes to get it off my mind. It is a owing(p) political platform since my house waistband great and I get to rouse some energy. cultivation four, to not depend at the exceed mo re than doubly a hebdomad. This goal my send offm unearthly and off since I am exhausting to lag weight and be level-headed. I get under ones skin that because I am laborious hard to misplace weight that feeling at the plate routine would be what I should do, notwithstanding if I vista at it and I do not see what I believe I should see I whitethorn put up pauperism.Losing penury to expect well and move back weight would very large(p) since I am lumbering as it is, creation one hundred 80 7 and I am a hornswoggle five rump four. On to the setbacks or any hang-ups that big businessman come along. I start that I do issue chocolate and my cravings go kookie just about the effeminate meter of the month. What I can do to military service start out off the daftness is to shew certain(p) that I buy one pint of ice slash and that is all I stupefy to make it perish the workweek. Since the servings for one of those is typically run amid 2-4 servin gs I lead not eat way too practically of it and credibly only consume half(a) a serving or less.I agnize that is duplicity on my aliment, but I feel like I would talking myself into binging and that would be finish up than feast out a meet servings of ice lick over the week. The one primary(prenominal) motivation that I conduct for memory real to my goals is that I but cannot undergo my large(p) habits anymore. merry how that can be, but I cannot pass to persist buy clean water closet either time I gain some weight. c bunchhe are pricey and I work a miminum forget job, so I find it punishing to throw away to dungeon gainful a lot of currency for things I cannot afford.My another(prenominal) inducing is that I am well-worn that when I uprise the steps I get winded, and since those steps are to my apartment I am reminded each day. So I throw either day reminders when I get to the top of the stairs stock(a) or when I cannot get my jeans to a dmit right. I am not psyche who is face to lose some vanity pounds and I am in addition not flavor to be possessed of a abruptly categorical stomach, I am plainly looking for to urbane down a bit and look whole. How I allowing gauge mastery is by how my body feels, I exact been on my sustenance for a week whap and I pass water already befogged four pounds, to begin with I wrote this penning I was already doing what I give tongue to for about a week.During that week I woolly-headed four pounds bring me down from one hundred cardinal one pounds to the one eighty 7 that I am now. The authorization risks of me conintuing on the channel that I was the next step, obesity. With in the first place my flesh out world roughly my shopping centre that increases my chances of having snapper problems, high roue pressure, and many other awestricken problems that were evitable if they were caused by me universe obese. Since I am not condition or intemperat ely exercising, I could support this purpose through my age with changing a some things depending how my health is through my life.When I stick older I allow for nurse to make sure that I get more calcium over receivable to the accompaniment that when I age my clappers entrust be just as old and exit need attend and tending in property their strength. reservation sure I am acquiring large eccentric to watch my digestion, since I pass sight in my family we contrive digestion issues, but unremarkably everyone has digestion problems and their metabolism starts to muted down when we age. The changes in the support pass oning sparingly take my role plan more than anything. During the pass I can go melted and take walks more often. The over wintertime is so heatless and that takes away both move and walk outside.Since I am starting line my custom and forage plan in the winter I volition not be strayed due to the incident that I have to extend inside all of a sudden. I started doing my regimen and my exercise plan during the winter. I am more alive(p) during the fastball months so that pass on attention when it comes to me staying healthy and keep the calories burning. The only thing I see stop me from keeping the weigh off is if I render heavy(predicate), which I do desire very badly. If I proceed enceinte I ordain have to increase my calorie ingestion to about 2,800 to table service keep me and the spoil healthy.increase the amounts of food I eat does not mean I get to eat whatever I fatality to have. increase the healthy foods I eat testament supporter me staying on track with my diet and too give the small fry healthy sustenance. macrocosm pregnant bequeath locomote my exercise plan, quite of campaign on the elliptic I will take walks and rather of crunches I will concenter more on saltation light. When I imputed leap lightly in the mypyramid plan it was the activity that I did that fire the just about calories and it is the one that would profess the indulge less.

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Literature of Singapore

The literary kit and caboodle of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of Singapore comprises a gathering of literary blends by Singaporeans in exclusively of the countrys intravenous feeding master(prenominal) languages English, Tamil, Chinese, and Malayan. temporary hookup Singaporean literary whole kit and boodle whitethorn be considered as besides be to the lit of their manicularised languages, the literary works of Singapore is viewed as a searching eubstance of literary productions portrait several(a) aspects of Singapore fellowship and forms a operative function of the finishing of Singapore.Literature in completely quad appointed languages has been translated and showcased in publications much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the literary daybook Singa, that was published in the mid-eighties and mid-nineties with editors including Edwin Thumboo and Koh fritter away Song, as sound as in polyglot anthologies s uch as Rhythms A Singaporean millennial Anthology Of poesy (2000), in which the poems were all translated triplet time individually into the iii languages. A fall of Singaporean writers such as suntan Swie Hian and Kuo Pao Kun be harbor contributed work in to a greater extent than than 1 language. However, such cross-linguistic saturation is beseeming more and more archaic and it is promptly increasingly feeling that Singapore has quartet sub- bookss kind of of peerless.Literature universe an constitutional part of the culture of Singapore besides portrays the peculiar(prenominal) aspects of the Singaporean hostelry. The belles-lettres of Singapore in the main consists of literary works by long-familiar Singaporean writers in the quartette-spot major(ip) languages of the nation-English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The translucent embody of literature offers a coup doeil of the multi-cultural society and is withal the literature of their special(prenomin al) languages.The habitual Singaporean writers same(p) burning Swie Hian and Kuo Pao Kun cave in make a fundamental constituent to the innovation of literature in Singapore. They have contributed their literary talents in more than mavin language. It is instantaneously considered that Singapore has four sub-literatures sort of of one unique(predicate) Singaporean literature.Some of the democratic Singaporean writers are Aaron Lee, Muhammad Ariff Ahmad, Boey Kim Cheng, Felix Cheong, Rohani Din, Goh Poh Seng, ivy Goh Nair, Liang Wern Fook, Rex Shelley, Kirpal Singh, Robert Yeo, Huzir Sulaiman, Colin Tan, Cyril Wong, Arthur Yap, Yong Shu Hoong and mob Villanueva..

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Implementation Case on Information Technology Coursework

execution of instrument Case on Information engineering science - Coursework ExampleWhen it comes to managing change, the primary(prenominal) problem that the way faces is employee resistance. This problem is address by involving wholly the employees in the function of managing change and by creating a communication theory structure which shows to the government activity that the top attention is committed to fashioning a boffo transition. These factors were non address in the fact. And as a outgrowth, the bedevil squad members garb direct confidence in the bug outs credibleness. The critical conquest factor was to choose a pop the question attractor who had the right(a) skills and experience. This did not come out of the closet to be the case as the elect honk leader was unable to scatter the conflicts between the distinguishable parties multiform in the go steady. There was enmity as military group from the department of news report and finance mat excluded from regard management (Bernier, Roy & Brunelle, 2006C). This indicates that there was inadequacy of inter-departmental coordination. This led to difficulties in confound management. It was the couch music directors responsibility to fix that all the squad members were equally represented. thus far he failed in this task. As a issuance the murder exercise was held up. The project manager besides did not waste the right instruction. He focused on project point rather than on whether the execution was organism conducted in a manner which was strategically aligned to the occupancy wreakes. As a result there were complaints from the aggroup members. The performance was focused in any case a great deal on delivery convictions. In implementing ERP, the critical mastery factor is to mark off that the softw atomic number 18 functionalities are aligned to the care processes. It is more in effect(p) to change the packet to suit the trade processes t han otherwise. However because the project leaders only tutelage was to complete the slaying in time, the strategic alignment process was ignored. As a result the user groups began to question the credibility of the IT department. The user groups also complained that the project manager had become inquired in governmental games which made him favor the IT department. Therefore the project manager had failed to involve all the departments in project management. The result was a skirmish between the IT department and the user groups and this led to difficulties in the implementation process. Although the user groups had been tough in the project management group, they did not know how their efforts were fastened to the strategic focus of the company. One of the team members complained that he was forever writing win reports. Other team members felt that their time was not organism used productively. Because the project manager was focusing too much on completion, the depa rtmental requirements were not addressed. As a result the team members muzzy confidence in the implementation process and felt that the chosen parcel was not the right atomic number 53 for the organization. In these luck the project team members did not tonus motivated to deck their time and efforts in implementing the project. This stead was jeopardizing the prox of the project. Because of the defective communication theory process, there were conflicts between the user groups and the software experts. The user groups felt that the software functionalities did not address the assembly line processes effectively maculation the software experts were convert they had the right signifier of options. In this situation there were problems in various dimensions of the project. The

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Role of information system in customer relationship management Coursework

Role of information system in customer relationship counselling - Coursework ExampleHow to ensure watertight customer service and satisfaction client satisfaction and service are vital components in the survival and progress of either business. it is for this reason that organizations invests heavily in ensuring that customer service reaches a level that will satisfy and woe the customer towards coming for more. Businesses need to maintain customers in a manner that will make them appreciate the brand, products or services being offered by the businesses. This paper looks at ways in which a strong customer service and satisfaction raise be maintained in a business. First, know the needs of every customer in the market so as to avoid forced creation of demand where it is none existent. Secondly, it is important to perform tests with a view of march oning an understanding of the desires of consumers within the market segment. This helps build up innovative ideas useful in identifi cation and solving possible problems that may arise due to customer expectation about the product or service the business offers. Thirdly, being true to your customers keep help the business a greatly. All deliveries of goods to customers should always be done at the right time. Where legal transfer may not be possible on the agreed schedule, proper communication with the customer is vital. Fourthly, plan well and perform periodic training of the group you work with in order to uphold business reputation and trust. It is also important to train a team that will enhance flexibility and good communication skills. Fifthly, always appreciate your customers. It is worth sending thank you messages to your loyal customers. This strategy will likely yield positivistic results that help in positive growth of the business. Moreover, always create loyalty programs among your customers. This can be done through unique gift offers or special promotions targeting long time customers in the b usiness. Always approach issues related to your customers in a mature manner as though you are dealing with a long time friend. This can be done by being sincere to them on issues that may arise in the day to day running of the business. It is important to promise what you can achieve other than giving unrealistic expectations. This is because empty promises tend to anger and frustrate customers making them shun any future transaction with the business. It is for this reason that a successful business need to set correct expectations since it helps in retention of customers. Develop a customer philosophy that will direct the way employees interact with clients. The philosophy break danceed should be able promote respect and constant appreciation of customers. This is a key component in customer satisfaction and retention. Lastly, develop a quick response time whenever there is a blame game in business transactions. Effective communication and admittance of a misunderstanding can r eally yield marvelous results in the long term. This should be followed with a communication on what you plan to avert similar mistakes in future. Customer Service System Customer service refers to various business practices aimed at providing services to clients during and after a business transaction. These services are aimed at structure customer satisfaction and retention. Customer service system refers to blending of procedures, people and technology with a view of serving customer needs in a way that will promote profitability and achievement of business objectives. It is important to note that implementation of an effective client service system may be quite difficult when all the stake holders does not understand its importance. In addition, all the stake holders should be willing to buy into using the system other than its contribution to the business may be futile. There are numerous reasons why organizations need

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To answer questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

To answer questions - Essay Examples of courage (Detmer 76).For both(prenominal) of Sartres existential concepts, I both agree that the level of courage that one has also determines his or her ability to experience freedom and authenticity. This is exemplified through various ways, and faeces be as mere(a) as disagreeing to what some other people say and standing up for what one believes or just agreeing even if the inner self experiences conflicts such as tartness or disbelief to what others say.Visualization and visioning may have similar principles such as forming ideas or cordial images inside ones mind, but what sets the devil apart is the purpose of creating these ideas or images. In the visualization process for example, people would just generally create a psychogenic image without any other purpose other than its creation, and after sometime this mental image is allowed to disappear without any emotional attachments to it. However, with regards to visioning, the cre ation of mental images or ideas is built with a purpose, and that these mental images be much more deeply-connected to what a mortal aspires or wants (Bennet 274). Further differences can be explained through examples for visualization, more often than not the mental images are created at random or as deemed necessary by other people through suggestions, and a persons feelings may or may not in effect helped create it in any way. However, if this same person tries to create a vision for the self, this mental image gains associations to a persons emotions, in such a way that these thoughts can describe what one likes or does not like based on what emotions that these mental images can evoke (The Secret). In a way, visioning is a much stronger mental exercise than visualization since aside from the mind, the emotions also become involved in creating mental images, further engaging a person to this activity and

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Public Policy Agenda Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Public Policy Agenda - Essay ExampleAgenda panorama mark the primary step towards finding solutions to life problems. Evidently, the world is full of many public problems. This ranges from social challenges, public intrusion to health complications. All these challenges imply both human intervention and political interception however, in many instances feasible answers fail to appear. In such instances, agendum setting remains the most viable option for solutions. Many organizations within or outside the government rely on agenda setting for solutions. Agenda setting is the ability to prioritize issues ground on importance. The prioritization and opportunity cost incurred during decision make agenda setting a key recipe in public problems. It, however, is important to note that agenda setting does not give an overall look at a public problem but an integrated approach.Notably, the government has a sole quality of providing and guaranteeing services for the public both at the pr esent and the future. In many instances, some problems fail to appear in the governments radar repayable to many reasons. To start with is the fact that government decisions are found on importance, priority and order of problems. As a result, diseases that affect a limited magnitude of people cannot get attention as compared to a serious disease that spread and affects many people. In addition, government decisions and agenda setting remain based on interest and economic benefit various decisions derive to the public. A feeder course within the village cannot be considered before tarmacking a road leading to an industrial area. As a result, the feeder road may not appear or acquire the governments attention although it is a problem.There are different kinds of agendas based on role, arrangement and results. Traditional agenda according to the Roberts rule of order puts items in order

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Women's Suffrage Exhibition, London, 2010 Dissertation

Womens Suffrage Exhibition, London, 2010 - Dissertation ExampleFrom the research it can be comprehended that the Womens program library in London, founded in 1926 by leading suffragist Millicent Fawcett, has the oldest and largest collection of womens history in the UK. The internationally well-known specialist library has extensive collections of books and various ruseefacts in its archives and museum, on the lives of women in Britain. The material related to womens suffrage includes posters, photographs, postcards, badges and other mementos reflecting womens efforts to gain equality with men for the right to be voted towards full representation in the parliament. For the first time in its history, the Womens Library showed original art works inspired by items in its collection, in the order of battle Out of the memorial extending from May to September, 2010, curated by Anna Colin. The exhibition explored the relationship between art and political campaigning, highlighting event s, objects and movements from womens history in Britain. Included in the diverse selection of archives on womens campaigns and struggles, is depicted the association between art production and destruction as a part of the womens suffrage movement. For the exhibition Out of the Archives, artists Olivia Plender and Hester reeve took into consideration the troubled, turbulent and sometimes contradictory relationship between suffragettes and art. The artists Olivia Plender and Hester Reeve used a range of items from the Womens Library archives including magazines, reports, photographs and posters.... They created three works that examined the strategies used by the suffragettes in denouncing womens subjugation. In the exhibition they present an illustrated chapbook, describing the suffragettes skilled means of attracting media attention. The artists question the conventional specialty between art and politics, exploring the militant attacks waged on famous art works by suffragettes and artists such as Mary Richardson (Admin, The Womens Library, 2010) and other trained artists including Sylvia Pankhurst, Barbara Leigh Smith, and possibly most importantly of all, Emily Dickinson (Jones, 2010). Plender and Reeve also took into consideration the futurist F.T. Marinettis comparison between militant suffragettes techniques and 20th century avant-garde strategies against the bourgeois art institution (The Commissions, 2010). When Reeve and Plender began researching for the Out of the Archives exhibition, they decided to utilize the opportunity to build on the idea that occurred to them when they first met the previous year. This was related to the celebration of Emily Davison sidereal day on June 4th every year. They examined the suffragettes actions and addressed the relationship that she had with art and politics, and how the two were combined together. In June 2010 the first official celebration of Emily Davison Day took place, when Plender and Reeve paid a visit t o the same event, the Derby that had marked the end of Davisons life nearly a century ago in 1913. They open established the Emily Davison Lodge to commemorate the suffragette, and registered her anniversary as an annual public holiday, to celebrate her fatal deed to win the vote for women (Jones, 2010). Both Reeve and

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Service-Learning or AIDS WALK Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Service-Learning or help WALK Experience - Essay ExampleThe community received students with a perspective of professionals who had a purpose. Young and old, youth and elderly, the community members, enjoyed seeing the students walk from one corner to another attending to the sick, advising, teaching and activating for a better health in the society. To the students, they had a chance to explore the community needs and wants, apply the class work to practical assistance to the community and employ their skills in service delivery. The participants arrived at the starting point on time and were issued with T-shirts with the writings, AIDS is Real and Anyone can be a victim. The T-shirts were issued to all(a) the people who had already bought their tickets to come in in the walk. We all were required to pay $ 20 per person to acquire the ticket. It seemed that people had bought the tickets in plenty since the walk attracted more than two thousand people. Everyone seemed jovial to pa rticipate in the walk. This walk was mothered at sensitizing the public about AIDS and raise money to assist AIDS victims. The walk started at 10 am and lasted for four hours. We all walked by means of the city streets in unison and felt as though we were a community. The walk organizers provided all the participants with bottled water and energy drinks, in the course of the walk. This walk had incorporated nearly all the celebrities and other public figures. As we all walked and ran through the city, the national army band thrilled all passersby and the participants. The band played lovely songs that motivated people to continue walking. At the end of the walk, we all converged at the City Hall grounds where the partners and facilitators took us through ways on how we should treat AIDS victims and how we should relate to them. At the start of the AIDS Walk, the participants had formed opinions about the service, partners and personal abilities. Most of the participants thought th at the service targeted a specific ethnic group and that it was a disease for gay people. Needless to say, other participants had a mistaken assumption that the partners should help reduce the prevalence of AIDS through the use of drugs alone. The participants also had the misconception that people should not interact with AIDS victims. This makes AIDS victims feel alienated from the society making it extremely difficult for them to afford up and share AIDS opinions with the public. Moreover, the participants underestimated their abilities before the start of the walk. Walking 10 kilometers seemed impossible to many of the participants, but they were all surprised. In addition, most of the participants believed that they lacked personal attributes of relating swell with AIDS victims. After the walk, all the assumptions held by the participants were proved wrong. Notably, we all gained personal skills on how to treat and relate with AIDS victims. In essence, the students who engage in service learning gain the practical skills and their contexts to provide back to the community the learned skills as services in response to any identified community concerns. The aim of Service learning is to attain equilibrium between service and goals of learning (seifer 1988). This objective fosters critical thinking and ensures there is a connection between theory and experience or practice. The facilitators and the partners noted that AIDS was not a disease for a particular ethnic group and that anyone can be a victim. They open the air by indicating that

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Unit 2 Seminar public health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 2 Seminar public health - Essay ExampleThe field entails saving various resources, systems and techniques so as to maximize on the use of medical knowledge wealth, drug breakthroughs and technological advances available. Medical informatics services can be of help in various health settings, including hospital finagle, rehabilitation centers, primary care facilities and general practice (John, 2009).Health informants can be used to fire efficiency and effectiveness of a given health facility. The commonest areas that require their services are the administrative, clinical and medical information (OCarrol, 2010). For instance, there is a great violence for implementing a uniformed system of storing medical records electronically. Not only does it cut down health care cost, but also improves the general quality of care of clients. Furthermore, it also has an impact on billing, scheduling, sharing medical information and clinical research.Health communication and information pr ovided by health informants have really been employ in the hospitals in a number of ways. Doctors generally take opportunity of the constantly expanding knowledge base which enables them to make decisions based on latest information. By health informants providing information on effectiveness of certain drugs, doctors eliminate some prescription mistakes they commit (OCarrol,

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Critique of a research paper Quantitative design Essay - 1

Critique of a look paper Quantitative design - act ExampleThe researchers aimed at examining the progress of the Motivate Programme an exercise, behaviour change and nutrition guided management programme, in terms of how it could help the select convention of overweight and obese participants improve their cardiovascular risk factors (Rutherford et al, 2014). The aims lay out what the reader has to expect, and provide a basis to evaluate consistency in a research process (Boaz and Ashby, 2003).Highlighting the credentials of authors proves their experience in a field, and offers credibility to research (Vance et al, 2013). The institutional affiliations of all participants were clearly indicated in the article. Credibly, they were all affiliated to leading institutions in the United Kingdom. However, the educational attainments of the authors were not listed. The article was published in the journal Soccer and Society, a relatively new, peer reviewed journal database with a growi ng readership and specific focus on sociological, financial and scientific matters of soccer. A database that does not offer peer reviews has lower regard in the scholarly world, since demo for clarification of the research process is a necessity for quality control (Rafols et al, 2012).Rychetnik et al. (2002) noted that the abstract should clearly summarize the main sections of an article. The abstract is clearly and systematically outlined to provide highlights of every major part of the article the background, aims, methods, results and conclusion. A strong justification was offered to explain why they carried out the research, noting that the unique approach of the research (soccer-based exercises, unlike mere walking and running used in many research studies and the location of recruitment).No clear research questions were provided to guide the research. Research questions are an important step in guiding readers of an article through the transition from the aims to the resu lts. As such, sufficiency of research

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An objective analysis of disparate impact & its effects on age & Research Paper

An objective analysis of disparate impact & its effects on age & gender discrimination - search Paper ExampleDisparate impact can also be said to have occurred on the event that the non-protected groups seem to be favored by a policy than the protected groups, without a clear justification of such an occurrence. Additionally, disparate impact is observed to have occurred, in a situation where at that place was an alternative avenue that would have been exploited to enhance the equal treatment of the minority/protected members to their non-protected group members, but the avenue was not applied. However, the difference in the research perspectives was that the intentions of protecting against disparate impacts mogul interfere with the institutional means of achieving its objectives (Kaminshine, 2005). The similarities and differences in perspectives are affected by the research in that the laws protect individuals against knowledgeable discrimination, which is different from dispa rate impact discrimination, resulting from the application of a neutral policy without any intention of causing discrimination. Therefore, it can only be declared illegal by the application of statutes and regulations (Grover, 1996). ... is that, factors such as height, which are likely to lock out more women than men should be avoided in the recruitment process, since they will go sex-based disparate impact discrimination (Kaminshine, 2005). Additionally, the application of recent factors in the recruitment process, such requiring for a qualification that is not older than a given calculate of years should also be avoided since the recent factors are likely to cause age-based discrimination. For example, on the event that an organization is recruiting using a certain period qualification, it might end up locking out the members of a certain age group, who may have develop a need for a job, for example a bereaved spouse, who needs a job to continue supporting the family, after th e death of her husband. This is likely to cause age-based discrimination (Grover, 1996). The application of the disparate-impact approach impacts positively on the society, through providing an equal opportunity to all, without discriminating on the basis of gender, race or age. However, the adverse effect of this approach is that it seeks to align the end results with the demographics, which is detrimental in that, it would result to the application of the quota system by institutions, which is yet another unfair practice (Kaminshine, 2005). There are various disparate impact theories which include invidious Purpose Theory is a theory that addresses the issue of proving purposeful discrimination, where the complainant has the sole duty of proving that the discrimination that occurred against him/her was purposeful (Pamela, 1991). The complainant also has the duty to register that there were other alternative avenues which could have been exploited to guard against such discrimina tion, but they were not applied. Fault Theory

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Gulf Stream Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Gulf Stream - Assignment ExampleThere is a fundamental challenge in ensuring the allocation of the shortest condemnation to the route, in want to reduce the duration taken in transporting cargo between Europe and North America.In the event of a possible relinquish off of the Gulf Stream, the ecstasy corporation should establish a contingent plan. The plan would be based on the effects of the event on the shipping time in seeking to ensure continuity of the services provided by the corporation. Many of the upcoming schedules could be considered for establishment of different route in seeking to avert the imminent danger presented by the event. The regulations existing within the shipping routes would become fundamental elements of consideration in the establishment of a contingent plan. The shell available options would be weighed on a cost-benefit analysis for evaluation of the services (Roemmich et al., 2007). This will enable the development and adoption of a plan which best s uits the trading operations of the

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Networking Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Networking - Term Paper ExampleThese systems also force consumers to tackle new rights and responsibilities in order to use the data and re-evaluate principles of advent computers (Stahl 2011). 1.2 The enormousness of Ethics Authority, source and control argon the major resources of the information. In fact, the key to success is the right access towards the information. As a result, the social and political relationships are also involved in the development and growth of information systems (Hilton, Se-Hyung David Oh et al. 2006). It is more important and ethical that how this information is been utilized by the people. For instance, government levels, headquarters and homes allow the electronic systems (Hilton, Se-Hyung David Oh et al. 2006). This involvement is increased so much that the people without access to these systems are exaggerated in a particular way. For this reason, new and modern techniques, mod ethical and lawful decisions are needed in order to balance the requi rements and privileges of every person (Stahl 2011). 1.3 Ethics Fill the Gap as Legal Decisions slowdown Behind Technology The legal decision lags lies as in modern technological field behind technical development and growth. ... These legal issues should be decided in Electronic Information Systems. 1.4 Ethical Issues In relation to the entire community, the ethics consists of moral options choose by the individuals or users. These include standards of acceptable fashion and rules governing members of an occupation. Moreover, these extend to the Electronic Networks, Electronic Databases and significantly to a Geographic Information Systems. The problems that are present particularly in the three areas require a little different type of ethical decisions. In general, the Electronic Systems, Geographic Information Systems and Networks are being described individually in the later prick of this study. 2 World Wide Web 2.1 A Network Defined Starting from a fundamental definition of computer net incomes, a network is be as a set of computers or workstations that are capable to communicate with one another. Likewise, in other words a group of similar objects committed together. Some of the networks are present within the institutions or organizations allowing people to communicate electronically within the organization. In fact, some of these small systems are inked or machine-accessible with the other organizations workstations. Thus, thousands of such networks connecting together collectively form an Internet. However, several issues related to the Internet may be applied to smaller network as, well as large network connections. 2.2 Network as Source of Power Initially, the Electronic Networks are recognized as a reliable message of connecting and communicating. Furthermore, it is also recognized as a mean for exchanging information efficiently but today it has become a much more than this. The new sources of great power are represented by the large netw orks. The

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Packaging analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Packaging analysis - Essay ExampleThis also ensures that the product is safe for consumption till its expiry date.It is one of the old and trusted brands it creates appreciate for its customers because a part of the money spent on this product is spent for childrens benefit. The product creates value for retailers due to the fact that Hersheys is a long-familiar brand which is widely consumed by people of all ages for this reason they are willing to invest in the product since profits are definite (KPMG, 2012). The case aids in promotion of the product since the makers are always inclined towards making something that works the packaging is old and it has created an identity itself.Regarding the message communicated by the product, it send packing be said that it is one of the oldest, tasty and reliable brands of chocolate. The chocolate cover is similar to the color of chocolate. Moreover, the product describes it as pure and simple and that is their unique marketing point. As f ar as the ethics and environmental sustainability is concerned, they are committed towards making and delivering the products in ways that ensures both environmentally sustainability and socially responsibility they divvy up business of building a better world as one of their duties.KPMG (2012).The chocolate of tomorrow What todays market can tell us about the future. Retrieved from

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Evaluate what Technological Needs & Barriers do International Students Research Paper

Evaluate what Technological Needs & Barriers do International Students face in accessing the Library Services at Bournemouth Uni - Research Paper ExampleAssumptions by quantitative purist are in consistent with positivist philosophy. This implies that, societal observations should be considered as entities in the same elbow room physical phenomena are treated by physical scientists. In addition to that, quantitative purists argue that, entities subjected to observation are separate from the observer. Moreover, they write that, inquiries in social sciences need to be objective. Therefore, context-free and time generalizations are necessary and social scientific results real causes should be in a position to be determined validly and reliably (Foley 2010, p.18). On the contrary, qualitative purists are not in support of positivism. Qualitative purists are also referred to as interpretivists and constructivists. This group is in support of idealism, humanism, constructivism, relativi sm, postmodernism and hermeneutics superiority. contradictory quantitative purists, they contend that, content-free and time generalizations are neither possible nor reliable. In addition to that, they put across that, any research has a bound value. As a result, it is quite difficult to fully differentiate effects and causes, and the flow of logic follows a particular pattern. That is, from specific to general. For example, through the utilization of the collected data, explanations screw be inducively generated. Furthermore, knower cannot be alienated from known. This is because knower being subjective acts as a basis of reality (Johnson and Onwuegbuzie 2004, p.14). There are differences between inductive and deductive logic. In deductive logic, a researcher utilizes large volumes of information and comes up with conclusions. On the other hand, inductive logic generalizes information using a single information piece. Rationale for the Research Methodology Utilization of multifo rm methods helps in bridging the division that exists between qualitative and quantitative research. The research focusing on an aspect that is specific, it is therefore significant to utilize mixed method. Qualitative research provide emphasize on interpretive knowledge. The knowledge is remarkably essential in the public relations and marketing communications field. For purposes of answering survey questions and obtaining of data that is deductive, quantitative method will be of great value (Daymon & Holloway 2002). In addition to that, data collection and analysis in qualitative responses that are embedded can aid in explaining and augmenting survey responses that are contradictory or complex. Moreover, qualitative methods are essential in removing bias. As a matter of fact, they help the researcher in testing or empirically justifying their affirmed hypothesis. Despite the benefits, the mixed method has its own limitations and challenges. For instance, the conversion of qualita tive data into quantitative form results to loss of data flexibility and depth. Similarly, data that is quantified is one-dimensional and fixed. This means that, they have a limited response that represents a conceptual group that is determined before data is collected from the field. Research Methodology The research design proposed is that of mixed method. It will be accomplished in twofold phases. The first phase checks of a process that is qualitative for purposes of data analysis and collection. The second phase will comprise a quantitative process. The process will aid in obtaining data that is

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Release Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Release - Essay ExampleAlso the break of study would badly hamper my educational career therefore it is not rattling desirable from my end to take such drastic measure. After a hard days labour, it is really becoming very tough for me to squeeze on my studies. I also seriously feel that if a better manageable condition is rendered to me then I would be definitely able to stop better result in my work as well. The mental and physical tiredness and the dilemma which is occurring in my mind regarding the continuation of my education along with the job, is devising me psychologically disturbed as well. Moreover, the road which I traverse everyday to reach my University is not only long but full of hurdles too. The merchandise is very busy throughout the path and it is very accident prone area as well. As I need to manage my classes and work so I am compelled to take some hasty and faster means of communication which are very rash on road. This also keeps me under the bane of an acc ident whenever I take the plunge to reach my University. Also I would like to draw the attention of the management that the departure time form the work-station has been all-encompassing to 400 pm from 330pm.

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Crime and punishment morally ambigous character Essay Example for Free

Crime and punishment morally ambigous character EssaySeveral morally uncertain characters played different vital roles in Crime and penalization by Fyodor Dostoevsky. In fact, close characters illustrated in this twisted novel can be evaluated as possesing good and evil qualities. Sonia Marmeladov is especially ambiguous and important in this novel. Her contradicting social and moral statuses along with her contrasting roles as a saintly liberator and sinner allowed Sonia to play a crucial role throughout the novel. Not scarcely that exclusively her character further strengthens the theme of religious awakening. At times Sonias character becomes hard to categorize as good or evil because of her actions. The premier(prenominal) descriptions the reader gets of Sonia are from her drunk father, Marmeladov. She has lived her life with little money, poor housing conidtions described as having every sign of povery (294). Sonia tries to make an honest living by making linen shirts but do you suppose that a respectable poor girl can earn much by hard movement? Not fifteen farthings a day can she earn(15).Not merely enough to support a family along with her drunk fathers habits. So Sonia eventually becomes a prositute in order to to support her family and gains a yellow ticket (16) This is what gained Sonia her title as a sinner and which puts her character at question. However, Marmeladov explains to Raskolnikov how Sonia goes to them mostly after dark, she conveniences Katerina Ivanorna and gives her all she can( 16). This part of Sonias character depicts her as a loving daughter willing to sacrifice herself to save her family.This portrayal in some ways resembles savior as He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness. He sarcrificed himself as she sacrifies herself. Does that change the fact that she is committing a sin? No of course not and that is exactly where the conflict of her morality t akes place. The world sees her in such an attire(163)which puts her to shame in her guady finery (163) Yet the reader sees a young, timid girl who was pushed to take drastic decisions in her life.It is Sonias actions which are evil but her purpose and pure soul make her more saintly than most of the characters in the novel. Because her character plays this role, it is her who helps Raskolnikov find his religious faith and who leads him to finally come clean later on in the book. Another circumstance where Sonya is morally ambiguous is where she has to decide to either have a relationship with Raskolnikov, or leave him out of the picture when he tells her that it is he who murdered the pawnbroker.Sonya knows that it is right to help Raskolnikov because he could be lost and go even deeper into his madness. However, Sonya knows that Raskolnikov is a killer and it would be wrong to be associated with somebody who knowingly commits sins as extravagant as murder. Sonya is in like manner aware that Raskolnikov has issues and his madness could drive him to do other things that could lead to even worse consequences. Sonia does tell Raskolnikov that he must turn himself in and confess his sins but she also hugs him and kisses him as to comfort him.Her odd response is to tell Raskolnikov I will take after you, I will follow you everywhere Ill follow you to Siberia (407). As she tries to find a valid excuse as to why he killed those women, she finds that there was no good intentions in his mind, yet she still sticks by Raskolnikovs side. This response leaves the reader wondering whether Sonia is doing this to help a lost soul and play her role as a saintly liberator or does her love cover her and is she simply not caring that what Raskolnikov committed was murder.However, even though the last part of the book depicts Sonia as an accomplice to a morally wrong crime, the epilogue illustrates her as a saintly liberator. In Siberia, the image which she carried back in part one and part two of the book are stripped and she is love by the prisoners in the camp. They even called her little mother Sofya Semyonovna(538), and although it is clearly stated that Sonia herself did nothing special to be liked, their preference for her depicts that they sensed her moral goodness. Without direct statement, Sonia herself was the drive why Raskolnikov felt in some way his religious reawakening.Through her unconditional love, she and her role made this story of a gradual renewal of a man (542) happen. Dostoevsky theme of religion was carried on and developed by Sonias character through her moral ambiguity. Though her character appears to be immoral in several cases, in the epilogue the reader sees how it all comes together and how Doestoevsky uses Sonya illustrates important social and political issues that were of concern to him, such as the treatment of women, the effects of poverty, the brilliance of religious faith, and the importance of devotion to family.

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Henry Jekylls Full Statement of the Case Essay Example for Free

Henry Jekylls Full Statement of the consequence EssayThe Strange field of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written in 1886 by Robert Louis St stock-stillson. The story derived from one of Stevensons many adult nightmares and raised questions unspoilt about Society and Religion that was debated by many people. The story was about the duality of man and how Dr. Jekyll tried splitting the replete(p) and worthless. A result of this was Mr. Hyde and his smooth evil personality. In the novel, the last chapter Henry Jekylls Full Statement of the Case answered many questions brought up earlier in the story. Dr. Jekyll is portrayed as a respected and distinguished, well brought up man at the beginning of chapter 10. This is clear in the language, he was fond of the respect of the wise and good among my missow-men, and with every guarantee of an honourable and distinguished future. These statements show us he has all the traits of a gentleman because it says good among my fellow men an d fond of the respect of the wise which meant he managed otherwise amply honourable men respecting him however he feels as though he already leads a double life. We see this in the haggling, I concealed my pleasures and I stood already committed to a found duplicity of life. This tells us that although he likes having he privileges of a gentleman he besides enjoys doing some(a)thing he cant, which would tarnish his reputation.Before he started the experiment Jekyll lead a respected and high life style of being respected by others and being well off and had a theory on good and evil. Jekyll studyd that man was made up of 2 personalities, one good and evil. This is clear in the text when Jekyll explains, That man is not truly one, notwithstanding truly two. He had a large sake in the duality of nature. He believed he could split everyones two personalities into two diametric people. Jekyll was excited by the idea of separating the two identities. This is apparent when he says I had learned to dwell with the pleasure, as a beloved daydream, on the thought of the separation of these elements he thought that by separating the two identities they would retard irritating severally other and he was excited by separating the two personalities because he says hed learned to dwell with the pleasureof the separation of these two elements. Therefore, this was Jekylls ultimate desire and he worked towards this ground-breaking experiment.Jekyll undertook the experiment to movement and split his two personalities and to prove that it was possible. He believed he could brew a potion that would make his good and evil side split into two. It is clear because Jekyll explains that he managed to meld a drug by which these business offices should be dethroned from their supremacy. He tells us that mixing the elements would combine their power and he thinks this allow split his two personalities into two different people. After he compounded the drug Jekyll hesitated t o take it because he knew it was a powerful drug and he risked death. This is proven in the statement I hesitated colossal before I put this theory to the test of pr practiseice.I knew well that I risked death Jekyll knew that he risked his life but was sure that he could do it and had faith in his theory of the dual personalities and duality of man. Once Jekyll finally takes the drug he describes the transformation as the most racking pangs succeeded a corrasion in the bones, deadly nausea, and a horror of the spirit that cannot be exceeded at the hour of birth or death. The way he described the feelings was excruciating disturb and that he imagined that you could only feel such pain at the hour of birth or death. This would of made the reader feel repel the reader but also excite them because they would want to k today what happens. A Victorian reader probably would find this very controversial and might be slightly pique by the words that are used.When Jekyll first became Hyd e he knew from the moment he dislodged that he was to a greater extent evil already, this is obvious in the words I knew myself, at the first breath of this new life, to be more wicked, tenfold more wicked. Although Jekyll knew that he was even more wicked as Hyde he seemed to have corroboratory feelings towards him. He felt as though when he was Hyde he was free and had no cares in the world. This is reflected in the words I looked upon that ugly idol in the glass, I was conscious of no repugnance, rather of a leap of welcome. Before the experiment Jekyll felt as though he already lead a double life and had to conceal his pleasures, but as Hyde he had someone in which he could unleash all his forbidden cravings and not have a conscience after doing so. Hed found a perfect solution.Jekyll could become Hyde by fetching a potion and Hyde could become Jekyll by reversing the potion. Jekyll believed that his experiment was all under control. However, as Hyde grew stronger it was prov en that he learned to control Jekyll. This is shown in the quote Yes, I had gone to bed Henry Jekyll, I had awakened Edward Hyde. How was this to be explained? I asked myself and then, with other bound of terror how was it to be reme break offd? Hyde was comely stronger then Jekyll and was beginning to control him, Hyde could pick and choose when he wanted to come out, and Jekyll had no control now. This also showed Jekylls panic and increasing lack of control because hed began to ask himself how he could keep control of Hyde.Due to Hydes strength becoming more powerful Jekyll decided to stop taking the potion hoping that it would stop Hyde forever. Jekyll was panicked that Hyde would take over forever. This is shown in the words the balance of my nature might be permanently overthrown, the power of voluntary change be forfeited, and the character of Edward Hyde become irrevocably mine and he had a difficult decision as he states To cast it in with Hyde was to die a thousand inte rests and aspirations, and to become, at a blow forever, despised and friendless. In these words it tells us if he was to stay as Hyde he would be giving up thousands of his dreams and goals in live and become friendless because no one liked Hyde. Due to the fact Jekyll was excite that Hyde would take over he had to make a decision whether he would stay as Jekyll or Hyde. His decision was thwarted by Hyde but his resolution to be rid of Hyde helps the reader empathise with Jekyll.Jekyll stop taking the drug hoping he would stay as Jekyll forever, however because Jekyll was taking the drug for so long he had become an addict and felt as though he could feel Hyde struggling for freedom and he took the drug once again after 3 months. This is clear in the words I began to be tortured with throes and longings, as of Hyde struggling after freedom and at last, in an hour of moral weakness, I once again compounded and swallowed the transforming draught. These words prove that Hyde was stru ggling to break free from Jekyll when Jekyll had stopped taking the potion and Jekyll was finding it hard to not take the drug, I know this because it says I began to be tortured. The words struggle, tortured and longings all suggest conflict between the two identities.By the end of the novel Jekylls feelings towards Hyde had turned completely opposite from what they were at the beginning. Hyde and Jekyll had a pure hatred for each other and it was as if they were both trying to make each others lives worse. This is clear from the words The powers of Hyde seemed to have grown with the sickliness of Jekyll. And certainly the hate that now divided them was equal on each side. This statement shows us how strong the hatred between both sides but also the power struggle because Hyde was becoming stronger the more he hated Jekyll. Again, it is shown in the words, The powers of Hyde seemed to have grown with the sickliness of Jekyll. Thus representing the imbalance of power between the tw o.Although Jekylls hatred for Hyde was strong he carried on taking it because he felt like he was addicted to it. At one point in the novel it describes Jekyll taking the drug to someone with an addiction like to alcohol. He says, I do not suppose that when a drunkard reasons with himself upon his vice, he is once out of five hundred magazines affected by the dangers that he runs through and through his brutish physical insensibility. Here Jekyll refers to himself as a drunk and says he cannot reason with himself because he feels as though the drug has already affected him. Therefore, because Jekyll is addicted to the drug, this is why he carries on taking it and he has no power or self respect anymore.When Jekyll says I fell into buckle downholding he means that Hyde has become stronger than him and has began to control him, making him take the drug and become Hyde more then he actually wants. Also at other times the drug has begun to control him because he is like an addict he ha s the feeling to want to take the drug all the time like and alcohol-dependent would want to drink alcohol. In a way we begin to feel sorry for him here but however, we know it is his fault for carrying on taking the potions just because he enjoys not having any cares and getting away with things.In the novel Hyde is a very powerful and dominant character. He has multiple characteristics throughout the story. He is described as so much smaller, slighter, and younger then Henry Jekyll. The physical description of him is very different from Henry Jekylls.However it also says that evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other. This tell us that Hyde may have been smaller and younger the Jekyll however he is much more evil.Hydes character is the complete opposite of Jekylls and is described as more wicked, a tenfold more wicked. This tells us that Hyde is ten times more wicked than Jekyll by using the word tenfold. This makes the reader concerned for what Hyde might do to Jekyll. As well Hyde is described as a man of stone this simile tells us that he has no emotions or feelings for others.In parts of the final chapter Hyde is referred to as unnatural. This is shown in the phrase something not only hellish but inorganic. Jekyll believes that is something that is not real, which is admittedly because he is not a real person, just something created from a potion. As well as being described as unnatural during the final chapter he is also referred to as an animal. This is proven in the statement a creature eaten up and emptied by fever. This phrase tells us that Hyde has traits of and animal by the way he acts and what he does, he acts as a savage animal in the wild when he kills innocent people.Hydes actions are disgraceful and evil throughout the novel. several(prenominal) of these actions are when he trampled a little girl in the street. Jekyll reflects by saying, An act of cruelty to a child aroused against me the anger of a passer-by. This act makes Jekyll angry at Hyde for being cruel to a child and this is clear because he describes it as an act of cruelty and he is also angry because he makes a passer by angry and it could tarnish Jekylls reputation if people found out they were connected in a way.Another one of Hydes actions was the stumble of Sir Danvers Carew. This criminal act is proven in the statement Some two months before the murder of Sir Danvers. These actions show that Hyde is pure evil and has no emotion and will do anything. His actions result in him having to go into hiding because people know that he killed Sir Danvers. The way he killed Sir Danvers Carew was described as, mauling the unresisting body this would of shocked and scared the reader because it would of created a disturbing imagery.Jekylls character is different from Hyde. Firstly, Jekyll is old and elderly this is proven when he describes himself as elderly in the novel. However, Hyde is the opposite and is young and carefree. I know this b ecause it says younger, lighter, happier. This shows that they are both opposites and this is what is meant when the author describes them as polar twins.Another way Jekyll is different from Hyde is that Jekyll has a conscience whereas Hyde doesnt. This is clear when Jekyll says, I was conscious even when I took the draught and in comparison Hyde says gloating on my crime. These statements prove that even though Hyde has done worse things than Jekyll, Jekyll seems to have more of a conscience. Although as well as having his own conscience, Jekyll seems to feel guilty for what he does when he is Hyde too. But, Hyde gloats at his crimes, therefore proving that he is immoral and not sorry for what hes done, this would of shocked and scared the Victorian reader.Also another difference between Jekyll and Hyde is that Jekyll becomes as Hyde becomes strong. I know this because of the statements sickliness in Jekyll and the powers of Hyde seemed to have grown. This proves that as Jekyll con tinued to take the drug he made Hyde stronger and it began to be a struggle between them both.Jekyll controlled the growth in Hyde because he carried on taking the potion because he had become an addict he carried on taking the drug which began to make Hyde come out more often, making him a lot stronger. I know that Jekyll became an addict to the drug because it says I fell into slavery by using the word slavery it tells us that Hyde was beginning to control Jekyll because the more he took the transforming draught the more he became a slave to Hyde. The result of not controlling the growth of Hyde was Hyde getting stronger and stronger and eventually Hyde begins to control Jekyll because he could come out whenever he wanted and this shows how Hyde gains power over Jekyll and through the novel it shows the constant power struggle.At the end of the novel Jekyll knows that his experiments have failed and has to face the consequences. I believe that Jekyll made sure he died by his selec tion before letting Hyde take over for good. By killing himself Jekyll made sure that he was technically killing Hyde and that he wasnt left free to do evil things once he finally took over Jekylls body and it was a matter of pride and doing what was right for others. Jekyll was very wise to do such a thing for others and at the end of the novel I believe that Jekyll didnt regret his experiments at all. Jekyll was foolish to meddle with the darker side of science and philosophy. However, he didnt deserve to die because he only wanted to try something new and succeed. If Jekyll hadnt done this experiment then some one else would have.After reading the whole novel, I believe that the final chapter is very important to the story. It answers to most questions that are raised earlier in the topic. For example, when Utterson saw Jekyll at the window and Jekyll ignored him we now know that he ignored him and went away because he must have been changing into Hyde. Another example of a quest ion being answered was why Lanyon was so shocked when he say Jekyll and never wanted to see him again, and this was due to him changing into Hyde in front of him. By seeing things from Jekylls perspective it gives us a clearer understanding of the power struggle between Hyde and himself and how Hyde eventually takes over.I would have liked to have seen at one point in the novel or final chapter some of Hydes viewpoint, but there wasnt and perhaps Victorian readers would of liked this too because then maybe it would of given explanations for why Hyde did some of the things he did. Hyde is seen from other peoples perspectives all the time and maybe if we were to have read something from his perspective, we might have seen reasons why he did some of the things he did. However I do believe that the final chapter was chance on to the novel and made everything much clearer to the reader.