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Management in organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management in organisation - Essay Example To this end, the research would use the dominant theories and concepts of management and try to infuse it with the success of organisations Organizations & Businesses â€Å"Organisations are social entities that are goal oriented and are designed and deliberately structured to meet certain objectives† (Daft, 2009). An organisation involves people who come together to work together to attain certain results. An organisation revolves around the collection of various individuals and groups of people who work together to attain these stated ends. This means that the organisation has some social elements which culminate from the interaction of these different peoples who affect and are affected by the organisation. Also, an organisation works through the combination of various inputs for the attainment of specific results. This means that there is the need for some kind of person or groups of people to work and ensure that the organisation meets its stated and defined ends. â€Å" Organisations take inputs from the society and process them to outputs and offer it to the society† (Archer, 2012). This means that an organisation is more of a system that plays a role in the extraction of resources from the external environment, adding value to it and giving it to members of the society. It is therefore inevitable to have people within the organisation who have the duty of ensuring that the right things and the right proportions are met in attaining the end of the organisation. A business is formed when people pool their resources to form an organisation which has the primary aim of maximising returns on the investments of the owners or the people who pooled the resources (Hill, 2010). The owners or shareholders of such entities have the profit motive and they ensure that they have representatives who work hard to attain this profit motive for the organisation (Paddington, 2009). This group of people are known as the management. The management of an organisa tion or business have the right to use the resources of the organisation to the best interest of the owners (Millichamp, 2008). The fundamental role of management is to work hard to attain the objectives of the organisation that they work for. Management have to use various techniques and tools to combine the factors of production: land, labour and capital to attain optimal results for an organisation or entity (Ruda, 2008). In order to do this, there is the need for management to use a wide range of techniques and tools to come up with the best strategies and formulas for the attainment of organisational goals and objectives. This is done through the use of important management science and principles which provide the right combination for the various levels of management in an organisation. Strategy & Management Theory Management theories and principles define the roles of people who are tasked with management. The theories often refer to the established ideas and concepts that pr ovide the best framework for running a corporate entity (Jain, 2008). Management theories also helps an organisation to divide up work and break down its core tasks (Murugan, 2007). Management theories help managers to come up with the best ways of dividing up work and defining functions in a given business. From there, work is broken down and the span of control of each unit of the organisation is defined (Murugan, 2007). The division of work to the various

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Savior Siblings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Savior Siblings - Essay Example This may involve: pursuing parenthood through adoption and foregoing conceiving children who have blood ties, applying a collaborative reproductive procedure e.g. surrogacy or donation of an egg, embryo or sperm with a parent who is free of the genetic illness being the child's genetic parent, following conception women may undertake pre natal diagnosis i.e. PND though the procedure involved has an inherent risk and also raises a challenge in the decision as to whether to terminate the a pregnancy of a fetus which is affected. PND is recognized and a number of women have continually ended pregnancies in their effort to conceive a child with no genetic illness under debate. PGD/embryo screening has the merit that it informs a woman whether her baby is affected or not with the genetic problem In question or under test during her initial stages of her pregnancy; this enables the said woman to make an informed decision as to whether to terminate or continue with the pregnancy. As such, owing to the ethical, psychological and physical reasons, PGD option is more preferred to PND/fetal screening. The initial PGD application was reported in 1989 and so far it is applied as detect quite a big number of a genetic conditions e.g. determining embryo's sex ( this have medical relevance for sex-related conditions such as hemophilia and Duchene's muscular dystrophy), identification of the single gene conditions such as spinal muscular atrophy, thalassaemia and cystic fibrosis. Human Leucocytes Antigen tissue typing together with PGD may make it certain the fact that an embryo is not affected by a severe genetic condition/s and also guarantee that the said child possibly will be a tissue-matched donor for an existing affected sibling requiring stem cell transplant. The embryo is not prone to extra risk as the equivalent biopsy carried out for PGD may be applied to check for tissue typing. Donating cord blood stem cell is not invasive, thus postnatal intervention concerning the "savior sibling" is not possible, and hence, no physical harm risk is incurred. I agree with the authority's decision of rejecting the request by the Whitaker family on the basis that it was not right to create a human life with the express intent of saving another life. There are various ethical arguments in opposition to the notion of 'saviour siblings' i.e. wrongful instrumentalization of the child, welfare of the child and slippery slope. Wrongful Instrumentalization of the Child Wrongful instrumentalization of the child is founded on the grounds that any child should be sought for his/her own sake. The concept of wrongful instrumentalization holds both the notion of choosing the character of a child and conceiving him or her so as to provide the ends of another child. The 'savior siblings' idea renders its application as a tool even though for superior ends. In case of conceivement of a savior sibling, he/she should be taken care of as a human being with his/her personal rights. It can not be accepted where the single reason for conceiving a child as a "savior sibling" is to make available a supply of stem cells that will be utilized to take care of a child on hand ( Immanuel kant pp) Welfare of the Child Welfare of the child