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Writing your Story

Today's society, the media has succeeded in brainwashing the world . Things like, â€Å"Thin is in† â€Å"fat is out†, â€Å"eat this†, † your beautiful if you look like this†, the list goes on and on. From the media, to weight loss company, magazine articles and cosmetic lines, they all want women to take their advice because of course they know what's best for you as a woman, right?Self-esteem, according to an article on the United States Small Business Administration (SABA) website entitled, â€Å"Self Esteem,† is appreciating one's own worth ND importance and having the character to be accountable for oneself and to act responsibly toward others. It Is a confidence and satisfaction In oneself, and an absolute necessity (2001, pig. 1). The article also states that â€Å"nearly 1/3 of all Americans suffer from low self-esteem† (pig. 1).The media, specifically women's fashion magazines, is increasingly being held for the self-esteem epi demic that plagues' our society. In almost every woman's fashion magazine such as Ell, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour are advice articles on dating and sex, weight loss and beauty. In fact, the subtitles for these articles are on almost every cover of every issue of these publications. However, these same magazines consistently put thin, attractive women on the cover of their magazines as well.Studying how these advice columns in women fashion magazines affect women will determine how often and to what extent women rely on these articles, therefore assisting in understanding the role communications and its mediums have on society. Women's fashion magazines demonstrate how a woman should look and act and therefore have been criticized for Dolling the thin, attractive female. An article In the Journal of Family and analysis of body related content in Girl Zone,† in essence states that mainstream women's fashion magazines make physical appearance out to be the most important aspect of a woman.The problem is that these magazines use the thin, attractive women in their magazines without explaining to the reader that the pictures have been airbrushed and therefore are presenting â€Å"fake idols†. Women's magazines have always have always had a large effect on women's actions, mainly by indirectly dictating the role a woman should have in society. The easiest way this can be done is by publishing advice columns that â€Å"teach† women how to keep a man and how to â€Å"look beautiful†.Today's women's fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Mademoiselle not only affect women, but also young girls. An article entitled â€Å"Narrative analysis of sexual etiquette in teenage magazines† found in the Journal of Communication discusses the messages teen magazines send to young women about social and cultural norms for sex and sexual relationships (Garner, Steer & Adams, 1998). The study suggests teen magazines teach women to accept men for who they re and to change themselves so that men will desire them. The authors explain that â€Å"the rhetoric of sexual etiquette encourages young women to be sex objects and teachers of interpersonal communication rather than lovers, friends, and partners. Young women are being taught to subordinate self for others and to be contained† (pig. 59). Being a woman in today's' society is tough. You have to try to be something that you are not, and unless you can afford the latest diet plan, newest makeup line, or latest fashion trend you will be left behind.It would make more ensue to promote self-worth and happiness, but that would be too easy, and how can companies capitalize and make money from you being happy with yourself? They cannot. So to make you feel like something is wrong with yourself, they have come up with way on how to improve yourself so that you can learn to accept yourself, and so will others. Not to say that all magazines are alike, because they are n ot, but for the most part they want you to see and do things the way they see best, and if you don't, then society will not accept you and neither will anyone else.

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Obama care Essay

â€Å"The Presidential election of the United States of America is behind us (November 2012), and yet US citizens seem to be dealing with the same political debates as last year and the year before. Much of this hinges around ideological, political and intellectual differences over what kinds of policies are right for the American population. The most controversial is the implementation of the Affordability Care Act, popularly known as Obama Care† (see, question). This act was officially signed into law on March 23rd 2010. â€Å"The Affordable Care Act is the result of a joint effort between all sides of the isle, health insurance companies, and law makers and has been in the works for decades. The law itself is based on ‘Romney Care’, The Massachusetts health care insurance reform law, St. 2006, c.58† ( Obama Care is useful to the citizens of the United States of America. It regulates the health insurance industry, and helps to increase the quality, affordability, and availability of health insurance. It was projected that Obama Care will enable thirty million uninsured individuals to be able to obtain health insurance. Given the facts I believe that Obama Care is ingenious, thus the thesis of my essay is that Obama Care promotes equality, enables freedom, and creates solidarity in the United States of America. This legislation is needed to make the necessary changes in the United States of America. In order to understand the assertion that Obama Care enables freedom, promotes equality, and creates solidarity, the purpose of the Affordable Care Act has to be understood, the past healthcare system of the United States of America has to be explained, and the scepticism on the Affordable Care Act has to be eradicated. To begin with, Obama Care is also known as the Affordable Care Act, and the Patient Protection Act. It was signed into law on March 23rd 2010. This act affirms the principle that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to healthcare. The purpose of Obama Care is to create new rules for insurers, and to expand medical security to millions of individuals. This is achieved by implementing a health insurance marketplace, where Americans can buy subsidized and regulated health insurance plans in a competitive private market. This Act expands Medicaid and Medicare to many people. It is beneficial to the vast majority of the American population, but most especially the less privileged. The less you  make, the more the Affordable Care Act is of benefit to you. This Act does not constrain the freedom of individuals. Its target audience are those who do not like their current health insurance plan and those who are making fewer than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. â€Å"The Federal Poverty Level is another way of referring to the Federal poverty guidelines. It is one measure of poverty within the United States, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issues it annually to determine financial eligibility for certain federal programs and benefits†¦ These include but are not limited to Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Migrant Health Centers, Community Health Centers, Family and Planning Services, [and now Obama Care]. The characteristics used to determine poverty thresholds include family size, number of children and whether or not those in 1- or 2-person units are elderly† ( Before the introduction of Obama Care, the primary source of health protection for the American society was Medicaid. â€Å"Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health related services for people with low income in the United States of America. Medicaid is jointly funded by the state and Federal government, and is available to people who not only have low income but also meet other criteria such as; being a citizen of the United States of America, be a Permanent Resident in the U.S.A, and someone with a disability† ( However, Medicaid is no longer capable of providing the citizens with their needs and enough coverage. â€Å"The United States of America seeks to close budget gaps, and it was proposed that Medicaid be put into a block grant or capped program, with significantly reduced funding, which would also result in cuts to eligibility and to services that are covered by Medicaid† ( This means that a vast amount of the population would not have health insurance. Unlike Canada, the United States of America does not have free healthcare, thus such legislative action would endanger the lives of many of its citizens. The Affordable Care Act makes many provisions for people. These include people with the grandfathered plans (â€Å"plans that were in existence up until March 23rd 2010and haven’t been changed in ways that substantially cut benefits or increase costs for consumers† (, those who have a legible insurance plan from work, a legible personal insurance plan, and for cultural and religious reasons. Firstly, Obama Care promotes equality in society. Equality is derived from the term equal. â€Å"To be equal is to have the same as† ( In this sense, citizens should have the same or a relatively equal amount of healthcare protection. It is accurate to state that not everyone in the American society is equal. People are at different hierarchies; they earn different wages, have different jobs with different benefits, and have different educational backgrounds. Regardless of these disparities, the life of each person should be equally valued and protected. Healthcare insurance can be quite expensive to purchase. â€Å"Different factors influence the price of an individual’s healthcare insurance premium. These include; the medical history of an individual, the location in which the individual resides, the level of coverage, the deductible and co-payments† (see, These factors filter a lot of people who wish to purchase health insurance by making their premium unaffordable, or a strain on their way of life. Although, Medicaid is put in place to provide people who cannot afford health insurance with some coverage, Medicaid offers very basic protection and the majority of Americans do not qualify for Medicaid. In the United States of America, â€Å"about 44 million people have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance. This means that nearly one-third of Americans face each day without the security of knowing that, if and when they need it, medical care is available to them and their families† ( It is unfair to exclude people from having equal medical protection most especially if it is based on the fact that their income is not low enough, and (or) they have poor medical conditions. Obama Care reduces this disparity, because â€Å"it prohibits health insurers for charging you more, because of pre-existing health conditions. Insurers can only charge an individual based on whether it is an individual coverage or a coverage for multiple people, where the person lives, the age of the person, and if the person uses tobacco† ( The implementation of these criterias is projected â€Å"to enable thirty million uninsured people purchase health insurance† ( This creates vast more equality in society, with relation to medical care. Thus, it is evident that Obama Care promotes equality in the American society. Secondly, Obama Care enables freedom. Obama Care places health care insurance on a subsidized, and competitive private market. This provides more citizens with the opportunity to compare and select the type of healthcare insurance plan the need, want and will purchase. Obama Care expands and improves Medicaid. â€Å"It provides citizens with the opportunity to keep their current insurance plan ‘if they like it’ and provided that it complies with the terms of the Affordable Care Act, or it has Grandfathered status†( â€Å"Additionally, if you have government based insurance then you are covered† ( Therefore, Obama Care enables citizens with not just the freedom to purchase sufficient medical coverage, but also the freedom to keep their healthcare insurance if it already provides them with sufficient coverage. Thirdly, Obama Care creates solidarity. Solidarity is a unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. The implementation of Obama Care means the vast majority of Americans will have medical coverage. Every legal American citizen contributes to Obama Care. New taxes were implemented for the citizens of America because of Obama Care. â€Å"The new tax related provisions in the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) include tax hikes, limits to deductions, tax credits, tax breaks, and other changes† ( This is because, â€Å"Obama Care includes many new benefits, rights, and protections including the requirement for health insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions. It also expands access to affordable health insurance to almost 50 million low-to-middle income men, women, and children across the country by offering reduced premiums via tax credits and expanding Medicaid and CHIP. Expanding the quality, affordability and availability of health insurance (along with other aspects of the law) come at a high cost. Assuming all tax provisions remain in place, the revenue generated from these new taxes help to cover the costs of the program and reduces the deficit. † ( This shows that with Obama Care, health insurance is no longer a premium paid based on your age, gender, medical history, and location. This plan ensures that American citizens will be working in unison to make health insurance affordable for one another, and are working together to reduce the deficit and better the American economy. Although the Affordable Care Act appears to be a progressive solution for the United States of America, some people do not agree with the implementation of Obama Care. The most prominent opponent of the Affordable Care Act is the Republican Party of the United States of America. They argue that the implementation of Obama Care will; â€Å"iincrease health care costs, cause insurance premiums to rise, hurts the quality of health care, create nearly $570 billion in tax hikes, and add over $500 billion to the debt† ( Personally, I do not support the argument of the Republican Party. Although Obama Care might cause all of the stated, the benefit is greater than the cost. The change in cost does not seem to be substantial enough to cause great distress to the majority of American citizens, and whatever initial debt Obama Care may cost will be paid off in the long run. Furthermore, this Act is for the benefit of the greater good, and it enables most citizens to live a better lifestyle. In conclusion, the Affordable Care Act promotes equality, enables freedom, and creates solidarity in the United States of America. It is evident that this legislation is democratic, because its founding principles rest on equality, freedom and solidarity. â€Å"No consensus exists on how to define democracy, but equality, freedom and rule of law have been identified as important characteristics since ancient times† ( The United States of America is not only a democratic country, but also one of the superpowers of the world. Such a dignified country should always aim to maximize the comfort and welfare of its citizens. The goal of Obama Care is to maximize the comfort and welfare of American citizens; which is how it should be.

In the films you have studied to what extent do you find Lady Macbeth to be a fourth witch? Essay

Roman Polanski’s version of Macbeth was staged in 1971, Macbeth was played by Jon Finch and Lady Macbeth was played by Francesca Annis. The BBC production was staged in 1982, Macbeth was played by Nicol Williamson and Lady Macbeth was played by Jane Lapotaire. The Royal Shakespeare Production was staged in 1978, Macbeth played by Ian McKellen and Lady Macbeth played by Judy Dench. In Polanski’s production Lady Macbeth was first introduced at the start of Act one Scene five, when she receives a letter from Macbeth unveiling the prophesies from the witches. Her costume is Shakespearean in period, in keeping with the time the play was written and it is bright and colourful. Polanski interprets Lady Macbeth to be a young and beautiful lady and also she is shown frail and innocent; for example, at the last speech of act one scene five, Lady Macbeth calls evil spirits to possess her body. This is a very dramatic and powerful speech but yet she talks faintly. Apart from Francesca Annis in my opinion acting out this speech poorly, Polanski leaves out a vital part of this speech: â€Å"Nor keep peace between Th’effect and it. Come to my woman’s breasts, And take my milk for gall, you murth’ ring ministers, Whatever, in your sightless substances, You wait on Nature’s mischief.† I feel this was a great mistake by Polanski. This scene was shown as if it had no importance; it was rushed through, not giving a true affect on the audience. Lady Macbeth through this speech is running down the stairs to meet Duncan, this doesn’t show that she is serious in calling evil spirits which I think Shakespeare intended it to be. Lady Macbeth’s witch like character is first shown in this speech as she blocks out the good and calls up the spirits of evil. In the BBC production Lady Macbeth’s appearance is different to Polanski’s version, as she has dark hair and seems more powerful and thick skinned, and although their costumes are from the same period Jane Lapotaires are much duller and less decorative. At the end of this scene when Lady Macbeth calls on evil, Jane Lapotiare plays her with passion and shows that Lady Macbeth beyond doubt wants what she is praying and truly shows Lady Macbeth as a fourth witch. The point made in Lady Macbeth’s speech about her ‘unsex’-ing and her ‘woman’s breasts no longer being used for milk but for murder shows us to what extent she has to suppress the feminine side of her nature. In this production they did not in my view ruin this speech by omitting half of it like Polanski; the speech was given great importance to the play. Also the BBC production staged a middle aged woman of 38 for Lady Macbeth rather than a younger woman of 27 like Polanski. I believe this was a very good idea as it makes Lady Macbeth more eager for her husband’s ambitions as it suggests through the play that Lady Macbeth had a child but lost it and now was unable to have children. It was imperative in Shakespeare’s time that you had at least one child to carry on the family name, I think this would drive Lady Macbeth more to want her husbands happiness as she was unable to give it to him through children. In the Royal Shakespeare production Lady Macbeth’s appearance is very different from the two other films I have studied. Lady Macbeth looks a lot older. Also Judy Dench’s costume is very distinct compared to the other two costumes, she wears a black dress and black head scarf and her speeches are made more prominent by a spot light focused on her face. I believe this has the best effect of the three plays as you can truly focus on the words of Shakespeare, In Polanski’s version I could not keep Shakespeare’s words the centre of my attention as there was so much going on in the background. In Act one scene seven Lady Macbeth tries to persuade Macbeth to murder Duncan. In Polanski’s version this scene is set very near the Banquet for Duncan, I think this was a wrong decision as there was no focus on the scene itself, Polanski has a habit of doing this though out the play. When Lady Macbeth is debating with Macbeth to do this deed she starts to weep. I feel this was a good input to the play as it shows a human side to Lady Macbeth. A great weakness of this scene was the cutting of the speech: â€Å"I have given suck, and know How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me: I would, while it was smiling in my face, Have pluck’d my nipple from his boneless gums, And dash’d the brains out, had I so sworn As you have done to this.† This part of Lady Macbeth’s speech I believe changed Macbeth’s decision form a definite no to an uncertain yes, and was of absolute importance to the persuasion scene. This scene played by the BBC production had a totally different feel. The start of Lady Macbeth’s speech shows more anger and makes Macbeth look like more of a fool. Lady Macbeth is very controlling and powerful in this production compared to Polanski’s version. Her outlook in this scene shows a fourth witch character as she smirks when Macbeth gives in to her persuasion saying: â€Å"If we should fail?† Also in the Royal Shakespeare production, Judy Dench is the dominant partner in the relationship but in this scene their loving relationship still remains whereas in the BBC production it dies down the end of Act one scene five. In Act two Scene two Lady Macbeth is played well by Francesca Annis, she put on a brave front but also shows a little fear through her eyes whilst saying: â€Å"A little water clears us from this deed† In this scene we get a glimpse of Lady Macbeth’s humanity as she says: â€Å"Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t .† This sentence might show that Lady Macbeth is not a fourth witch, she is just misunderstood, and she might have wanted this murder of Duncan to happen purely for the ambition of her husband. Lady Macbeth in the BBC production gave a taste to the audience of how scared she was when waiting for her husbands return and I feel she played this scene exceptionally well. In Act five Scene one of Pulaski’s version, Lady Macbeth losing her sanity is shown very well, she is walking around naked rubbing her hands to get imaginary spots out of her hand: â€Å"Out damned spot: out I say† This I feel, is a very good interpretation of the sleepwalking scene. This nude scene of Lady Macbeth also parallels the nude witches in the film. This might suggest that Lady Macbeth is in fact a fourth witch. From the Films and the text of Macbeth I have studied, I have found that Lady Macbeth has many characters: the fourth witch, the ambitious wife, determined, dependant, haunted, misunderstood etc. I think from all the films I have viewed they have had different main characters, Polanski’s Lady Macbeth was misunderstood, The BBC production’s Lady Macbeth was a fourth witch and the Royal Shakespeare Company showed Lady Macbeth to be an ambitious wife. I believe Lady Macbeth was a fourth witch in some ways and also played many other characters. Shakespeare’s intention was to let the audience decide.

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Managing and leading people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Managing and leading people - Essay Example Schein also suggested that leadership and culture are conceptually related (Schein, 2004). Culture provides to an organization a sense of identity and determines the organizational legends, beliefs, norms, rituals and language. Organization culture is the only way that state the way things are done around the organization. An organization culture summarizes what has been appropriate and what has worked in the past (Schein, 1990). This paper seeks to analyze the how managers can improve the culture awareness in the organization. Further, it seeks to discuss the strategies that managers can use to improve culture awareness in an organization. Many managers are using the language of corporate culture or organizational culture. I am always curious to know why people share perceptions, attitudes and interpretations as well, as how workplace symbolism characterizes the way people act and feel. There is a prevalent belief that particular types of logical commonality can promote collaboration, minimize unproductive conflict and arrange work towards a common agenda without the need for supervision. As a manager, I realize that there is something about culture pride that can inspire and raise the mind to improve service for a common good. An organization’s culture is not something that can be manipulated directly; managers are required to dictate a course of action or allocate resources. Culture is shaped indirectly (Schein, 2004). It evolves randomly over time. The premeditated manipulation of culture requires the sophisticated collection of leadership skills and an intense sense of socio-psychological dynamics (Pollitt & Bouckaert, 2004). In the progression of internationalization, organizations face hardships in harmonization of corporate culture. As a manager, I must come with strategies that will help in improving cultural awareness at

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Franchising & Small Business - Business Plan Essay

Franchising & Small Business - Business Plan - Essay Example Business plans expansion in domain where business will provide marinated (ready to heat) food for the target audience. The company plans to meet breakeven by year end. Target audience of the Indo-Pak Meals Corner would include people in Melbourne who have taste buds for Asian spices-enriched food. It shall exclusively cater residents and immigrants from India, and Pakistan and other countries of that region like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. India is the largest exporter of its skilled worker to Australia in the year 2012 and constitutes15.7 percent of the total program for immigration (Australian education international, 2012). This growing number, along with already residing Indians shall provide good potential for business. Indians are very much into their typical home-done food and this has been taken as opportunity to attract especially immigrants to have home flavor on outside their land. Another main component of target audience, Pakistani though comprise small percentage of total Australian population but students from Pakistan are constantly growing in double digit in Australia with growth rate of 17.6 percent. Again these people are new entrants to land of Australia and are attracted to the home spices. Indo-Pak Meals Corner plans to operate with four full time employees, a chief chef, chef, helper (for grocery, cutting and cooking) and service man. Initial outlay comprises of location, licensing, fixed and other expenses as the outlet is a start-up from zero. Indo-Pak Meals Corner exists to provide people with the best blend of food from India and Pakistan flavors to any one and everyone with need of daily fresh handy meal ready to eat on their way to destination. This company has no background history and a new start up. However, it plans to develop long history of tasty food. The management of the company has expertise in managing restaurant offering such spicy foods. In short term the business

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Green IT - hype or real chance for savings Article

Green IT - hype or real chance for savings - Article Example Global Warming is caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas and large scale deforestation. Burning of fossil fuels releases a large amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These gases act as a thick blanket and absorb thermal radiations emitted by the earth’s surface, thereby resulting in the planet to warm up significantly. According to the reports of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global greenhouse gas emissions have grown with an increase in 70% between 1970 and 2004 The increase in temperature is a kind of anomaly in ecosystem and this anomaly will have severe consequences to follow. It will cause severe storms and droughts, glaciers to melt, rising seas, changes in weather pattern and spread of diseases. There will be an increase in the sea level and the low lying islands will left completely devastated. The inhabitants of the cities as well as other vegetation will see a dramatic increase in pests and other insects who will thrive due to an increased temperature, thus leading significantly to unexpected calamities. Loads of animal and plant species will be extinct and the habitat such as coral reefs and alpine meadows will be disheveled. Heat waves, due to global warming, have already caused a loss of 30,000 lives in Europe and 1500 deaths in India, in the year 2003. Therefore we come to a conclusion that change in temperature will have an unbearable impact not only on the human civilization but also on the entire race of different species existent across the globe. These days, most of the industries, including the IT industry is under the scanner of government in order to curb the emission of green house gases. You may be astonished as to how can an IT industry be a contributor in emission of greenhouse gases. The blame goes to the huge data centers and gigantic servers which are used to store the information in such industries. The

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How Multi-sensory Teaching Materials helping students with Dyslexia Essay

How Multi-sensory Teaching Materials helping students with Dyslexia - Essay Example Knowing how each of these components affect the other makes the school teachers and school administrators have a better idea on how they can improve the overall learning experience of students with learning disability. A case-based investigation was conducted to test the difference between the use of pure visual and hearing sensory with the use of multisensory teaching materials which does not only stimulate the students’ visual and hearing sensory but also their kinaesthetic (motor memory) and tactile (hands) sensory. The research findings revealed that the use of multisensory teaching materials is better since students with dyslexia can have visual dysfunction, hearing impairment or both. This study also provided some ways on how to apply a whole school approach when implementing the use of multisensory teaching materials in the local schools. Defined by the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, dyslexia is â€Å"a brained-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person’s ability to read† (NINDS, 2010). Even though the level of dyslexia varies from one person to another, it is common for students with dyslexia to have problems with reading, writing, and spelling out words. With a gender ratio of 3.29 boys to 1 girl, Cantonese-speaking Chinese children in Hong Kong between the age brackets of 6 to 10-1/2 years old were found to have an incidence rate of 0.66% dyslexia cases (Chan et al., 2008). Despite the high incidence rate of dyslexia among the Cantonese-speaking Chinese children in Hong Kong, there are still a lot of middle and high school teachers who are inadequately prepared to teach students whose academic reading and writing skills are below the average level (Strickland & Alvermann, 2004, pp. 1 – 13). Modifying the teaching methods and educational environment are necessary to enhance the

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Impact of SOPA and PIPA Bills Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Impact of SOPA and PIPA Bills - Research Paper Example The government, particularly from the computer software publishing and entertainment industries for years to invent and implement an effective mechanism for stopping the online piracy that allows the internet users to have copies of their products free of charge. Though, it seems certainly logical for the reason that no one wants to see something for which they have spent a lot of time and effort on to create be disrespected by people having access to it free of charge and without permission (Newman; Jamal). This paper will discuss the initiatives of the government trying to regulate the internet with SOPA and PIPA bills and how it would affect the internet service providers and the internet users.    An Overview of SOPA and PIPA These days, we can see the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the top headlines. In fact, the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act are getting a great deal more negative response from different organizations. In additio n, some of the major web-based businesses, for instance, Wikipedia have responded against these laws by protesting the bills with blackouts. Additionally, Google Corporation has also joined the movement, by placing a link on its homepage illustrating the reason why the organization opposes the legislation. Both the bills SOPA (presented in the U.S. House of Representatives) and PIPA (presented in the U.S. Senate) are intended for overseas websites that break copyrighted stuff. In addition, both the bills are generally linked with media piracy however can also be applied to counterfeit medication and consumer goods (Newman; Magid). In the beginning, both the SOPA and PIPA bills included two important ways to fight exclusive rights violation on overseas websites. In this scenario the first way allows the U.S. Department of Justice to ask for court orders and instructions forcing ISPs to shut down the domain names of the suspected websites. For instance, Comcast can stop its customers from accessing the contents of, even though the given IP address can be accessed and works properly. In this scenario, this ISP blocking terms was one of the key concerns among Internet security experts, at the same time as both PIPA and SOPA have ignored it. On the other hand, the other way allows rights owners to ask for court orders and instructions to force the advertisers, payment providers and search engines to stop carrying out business activities in cooperation with the suspected websites. In this scenario, rights owners would be allowed to demand that funds be charged from the suspected website and that investigate links to that site be detached. However, the suspected site would be given five days to appeal any action taken (Newman; Magid). In simple words, the basic purpose behind the implementation of these bills is to stop from connected to any sites that are dedicated to the  theft  of U.S. property. In addition, these bills would also stop the business organizations and individuals from putting on the sites and shut down payment processing companies such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal from sending money to the site.

Global market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Global market - Essay Example Every profession including health care can be wide and vast and in order for one to understand and gain experience, they need more than what is learnt in the class. Throughout this essay, in order to protect the identities of people, trust and clinical setting involved confidentiality will be maintained with omission of names (Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), 2015) Practice based learning is when a group of nursing staff and lecturers work collaboratively to make a significant contribution to supporting student learning and assessment within a designated clinical area (Chapple and Aston (2004). It provides the opportunity to link theory into practice and promote professional development (Koh, 2002). Practice based learning is very crucial in the profession of nursing due to the vocational nature of work and necessity of assessing clinical competency and protecting the public. By doing so, it ensures all student nurses achieved all the NMC standards and criteria/ objectives, before ensuring they are fit for practice/ registration (NMC 2004). In practicing health care, there is need to have a mentor who will guide the prospecting practitioner with vast experience. Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008 defines a mentor as an individual who is registered and has completed the NMC approved mentor preparation programme and has acquired the skills, knowledge and competence needed to meet the defined outcomes. As a mentor, an individual has a key role to play in ensuring that they guide new and potential practitioners as they go through transition. Their roles include; The mentor has the role of organizing as well as coordinating the students learning activities in the health care practice. The mentors play vital roles in ensuring that various students’ learning activities particularly in the healthcare sector are organized and well coordinated. Also, mentors have a role in supervising students in learning circumstances.

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High School Sports Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

High School Sports - Research Paper Example This assignment is actually aims at assembling an essay using appropriate resources, formats and tools and using sufficient supporting evidence to convey our message to our readers. According to the Longman Writer: rhetoric, reader and handbook (Judith Nadell, John Langan, Eliza Comodromos, 2005), the supporting evidence is at the heart of effective writing. Without it essays lack energy and fail to project the writer’s voice of perspective. In other words supporting evidence is like red bull, it gives the essay wings. Sports have become an integral part of high school. It is important as it adds to the physical development of the students. Participating in activities actually prepares them to be athletes in the near future if they so desire. However, as expected competitive Sports like any other widely discussed topic have positive and negative aspects. Sports boost school spirit among students and the thrill of having the support of the entire student body builds confidence for the athletes especially if they support their team through thick and thin. Also for students with low self-esteem, the best thing to do is to encourage them to take part in a sport. Therefore sports build self-esteem, not to mention it’s good physical activities. In addition, students who are involved in sports learn life-long skills that may be transferred into their chosen career path - skills such as team work, communication and time management skills. With benefits like that, it is hard to only pin-point the negatives. It is understandable that negativities will be associated with it. However, with the correct guidance of families and coaches, athletes will stay on the right track and not fall into the negativities associated with the sport. With reference to Bissinger’s article ‘Innocents Afield’, which spoke about high school sports, Bissinger addressed only the negative aspects associated with the topic. He criticized the millions

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Franchise - Culture and Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Franchise - Culture and Structure - Essay Example It goes on to use the McKinsey 7-S model to examine the components of the business. The paper ends with the Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-&-Threat (SWOT) analysis of the company and concludes with a decision on the appropriateness of buying a Ferrari franchise. Organizational Design Marranello, a town near Bologna in northern Italy has been the home of Ferrari since the 1940s (Ferrari Factory Website, 2011). The central location at Marranello is made up of 45 buildings which houses the 3,000 employees of Ferrari who range from factory workers through to the top level management of Ferrari. Components relevant for the manufacture of Ferrari cars are imported from all over the world and assembled at the Northern Italian plant. From there, the various cars are shipped to different parts of the world where they are sold through agents and outlets. Ferrari dealers have three different packages that they can sell to customers: Ferrari Genuine, Ferrari Power & Ferrari Approved. In consideri ng purchasing a franchise, the options available include the reselling of these three Ferrari brands. Ferrari Genuine includes the sale of genuine spare parts for Ferrari cars. Ferrari Power is an insurance package and some related financial activities that ensure that Ferrari users are protected in cases of losses. Ferrari Approved on the other hand seeks to co-ordinate the interests of various Ferrari owners and link them with the company. Aside these three main brands, Franchise sellers can also provide various racing related services and sell some other Ferrari owned brands like fuels and racing related brands that have commercial value. The business environment of Ferrari has unique components and systems that work together to make it a leading racing and luxury car manufacturer. Goold & Campbell (2002) stated that there are nine components of organizations that define each and every business. They argue that a business is made up of structured systems and components that are d efined and laid out by the owners of the company. Aside these defined systems, there are emergent issues that affect the design of the organization. The nine components eventually lay down the definitive structure for a business. 1. Strategy: A business needs to operate in a given market in order to reach a given pool of consumers. In this quest, there are some competitors that might also target the same markets. In the case of Ferrari, it has evolved over the years to become a company that desires to stay at the forefront of research through maintaining a strong position in the motor-sport industry (Davenport & Beck, 2008). In other words, Ferrari desires to target upmarket clients around the globe to produce cars that have the best and most modern inputs and systems at premium prices. The emergent of new ideas in the industry helps them to change their ways of delivering their services at different point in time. The strength of the Ferrari strategy lies in the price of their cars , which are in the millions of dollars and are valuable even years after purchased because they easily become antiques. As a franchise owner, one will expect to sell these expensive cars to customers around the world that comes with high profit margins. In other words, a single sale that a franchise owner makes will bring in profits that hundreds or thousands of ordinary cars that a normal car dealer will make. These end users often use the cars for races which earn a lot of revenue since it comes with the sale of television rights and the

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Diversity of human potential Essay Example for Free

Diversity of human potential Essay Gardner meanwhile developed the concept of multiple intelligences to reflect diversity of what human beings can do. He argued that there aptitudes or different propensities including linguistics, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. Learning as a social behavior Bandura’s social learning theory extends the concept of the human potential and noted the role of obtaining competencies through the process of response consequences or observational learning which is essentially imitation or modeling. Modeling according to this theory has four components. Attention, the first component is perception of the significant attributes of a particular behavior. Retention is the next component or coding or committing the behavior to memory. Motor reproduction is the ability to reproduce the modeled behavior. The fourth component is motivational or reinforcements – the necessary push to do set of actions associated with the particular behavior (Bandura, 1975). The three basic psychological concepts outlined above just about cover the domain of psychology and points us to the direction that although there are individual competencies or potentials what happened if these individuals co-exists at particular setting. Bandura posited learning would be impossibility without a social setting even assuming the individual has the potential to learn (Bandura, 1962, , 1975). Accounting for variations. Levels of permanence and variability defines features of the individual like body shape which is relatively permanent than mental recognition or perception which could change quickly which may be internal or influenced by external factors. If modeling is a way of learning accounting for changes through time would be the next step, which is progression. In the case of suicide which has very strong negative association Kolb’s experiential learning cycle model would be helpful and may provide an expanded understanding on how groups or social networks form. This is very important as it has been shown modeling or experiencing losing someone because of suicide is a difficult phase which has proven significant as shown by Bearman and Moody, in terms of suicidal ideation or making the person who committed suicide a model figure (Bearman Moody, 2004). Kolb identified four phases which has interesting interrelationships if taken not as phases but states of mind which is simultaneously being processed. Psychological diversity would be immense because of possibilities of dominance of each of the state of minds. Concrete experience (CE) and abstract conceptualization (AC), for example could be taken as off tangent to each other as experience could be taken as activity which is cyclical in itself but abstraction and conceptualization (AC) is progressive. Human potential may have been the same in the past 300 years but the explosion of knowledge because of science and technology what Bruner may call as powerful amplifiers. Reflective observation (RO) and active experimentation (AE) meanwhile in context of CE and AC could explain possible changes or how situations develop. To tie these all up is talking about the process cognition. As applied to understanding of the complex act of committing suicide, we see that actual experience or feeling the pressure from the environment as continuing until the final act. It is easy to understand what clinical psychologist would point out that suicidal tendencies should be seen as a form of mental illness an irrational behavior wherein the mind or the will has ceased to function. Kolb’s model is posited on the positive or rational thinking and development towards a higher plane of competence and learning as the rule or trend of human behavior. But still we could use Kolb’s and others thinking on human development as operative albeit the outcome is generally considered unacceptable. A lot of cases tends to point out there are risky social situations which may push some people into progressive stages until the act of committing suicide. For this we explore the sociological perspectives.

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Old And New Testament Views On Social Justice Religion Essay

Old And New Testament Views On Social Justice Religion Essay Christians regard the Bible as a uniquely important source for human life on matters of belief and practice. For human beings to live a life that is meaningful and dignified, they have to be in a just and fair society that looks up to the need of others. For this to happen justice has to be emphasized, it has to be the driving force. In the Bible, God clearly imposed social concern upon his people especially the poor and the marginalized. In Bible, numerous passages such as; in 1 John 3: 17 and James 3:14-17 draw peoples attention towards social concern and social justice. DEFINITION OF SOCIAL JUSTICE. Defining social justice, Dr Paul Kengor said, Historically, social justice has meant different things to different people, and so equally todayà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦(Online). This statement actually means that social justice is a just a branch of justice that accommodates all forms of justice, it being restorative justice, economic justice distributive justice, rectificatory justice and so forth. We can in this paper therefore, say that biblical justice entirely consists of social justice because there are many chapters like Matthew 18:23-35 it talks about penal fairness that needs punishment by the book but lacks mercy is not the kind of justice desired by God. Also in Matt 20:1-16: the summary on social justice is an economy of care for the common good through social sustainability, healing, and transformation. Marshall in his book said, There is huge amount data to deal with. There are hundreds of texts in the Old and New Testament, which speaks explicitly about justice, and hundreds more, which refer to it implicitly. Justice is in fact one of the most frequently recurring to topics in the Bible (2005:3). What actually Marshall means here is that, Biblical justice covers all aspects of life in terms of justice such as the personal and the social, the public and the private, the political and religious, the human and nonhuman. But on the other hand, such remarks may mean that biblical justice does not consist entirely of social justice, but also independent justices such as political justice and many others. Marshall said, Justice entails the appropriate distribution of social benefits and penalties and contending parties(2005:6). Still more despite such analysis, social justice in biblical justice concept, remain inclusive of other justices because, the product of each justice is a social concern to the need. OLD TESTAMENT CONCEPTS OF JUSTICE Marshall in his book wrote, Often in Hebrew Bible, righteousness (sedeqah) and Justice (mishpat) occur as a word pair with virtually identical meaning: But let justice roll down like water, and righteousness like an overflowing stream (Amos 5:24)(2005:12. So this statement means that righteousness in the Bible incorporates the idea of doing justice and doing justice conveys the idea of putting right what has gone wrong. Social justice of the Old Testament indeed was concerned with giving according to need thought it worked antagonistically; to the other it was really social justice and to another a different justice. For example, the deliverance of Israel by God from slavery in Egypt, it was a justice on social concern to them by God; but it was under a covenant. Marshall said, Biblical justice is therefore covenant justice. It is the practical outworking of Israels special relationship with God (2005:15). We can say, that indeed God did well for the Israelites out of the obedience to the law He gave them through Moses at Mount Sinai. The Law actually reviews what needed for Israel to live in peace, to experience what the God intended for human society, and all was done out of the covenant which was made. In this justice, Israel had seen God intervene in their liberation from the oppression of slavery, to lead her safely through the wilderness and to constitute her as a free independent people. This became Israels own experience that God was a God of justice, Isaiah 30:8. Gods justice towards the covenant people was a call the Israelites to act towards one another I the way God had acted towards them, with justice, mercy and equity. It is also recorded in some chapters like in Leviticus 19: 15 You shall not render an unjust judgement; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great: with justiceyou shall judge your neighbour. It is aslo written on social justice in the Old Testament that, You shall not deprive a resident alien or an orphan of justice; you shall not take the widows garment in pledge. Remenber that you were a slave in Egypt and the Lord your God redeemed you from there; therefore I command you to do this, Deuteronomy 24:17-18. This has actually pointed to Marshalls description of Gods justice for covenant, through biblical justice which leds to social justice and further with the concerns with giving according to need. Sometime, Biblical justice points at social justice with no concern to giving according to need. Marshall said, justice requires impartiality; at other time partiality(2005:38). In Exodus 23:3, nor shall you be partial to the poor in a lawsuit. As for Marshall, he poits to this kind of justice in accord to what he called criminal justice. Actually, we can support his point with the biblical justice on social justice in Exodus 22:21-24. God warns the Egyptians with His wrath in favour of the resident aliens, widows and orphans. In other instances, Marshall said, Gods bias or preferential option for the por is, ultimately, in the interest of equity. In the perennial struggle for social Justice (2005:41). This statement from Marshall actually talks about distributive justice that considers fair dealing between men. This is also a biblical justice of Gods bias according to Marshall, can be seen through Gods historic intervention to rescue powerless impoverished Israel fro the hands of the Pharoahs in Egypt, and feed them in wilderness. This is Gods justice which is purely social justice which was give according to the neen of Israel at that particular time. The other Gods justice which is in nature of social justice that is concerned with the giving according need is actually in Deuteronomy 24:19-2. This justice provides specific welfare and protection for the por and vulnerable. It is inform of law which guarantees access to food. They are given justice according to the need for survival. This is purely a social justice for social concern in biblical justice. OLD TESTAMENT CONCEPT OF JUSTICE. In the New Testament, biblical justice is not different from that of the Old Testament because the words that are used for justice remain the same, like righteousness but differs only that most of them are teaching by Jesus Christ. Jesus in part of this bible portrays biblical justice consisting social justice by barely giving according to the need. Marshall wrote, At the outset of His ministry, Jesus deliberately evoked this messianic expectation by defining His own mission in terms of bringing justice to the poor (2005:50). Indeed this is what Jesus had started to do, Isaiah 61:1. The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the broken -hearted, and to proclaim liberty to the captives release to the prisoners. For Jesus to accomplish this he rejected social discrimination, he promoted social justice and gave it according to the need. To the rich man who wanted to know he was to do to enter the kingdom of god, Jesus to him to sell all that he had and share the money with the poor. This is another biblical justice from our Lord Jesus Christ, as sign for social justice, which he had promoted. To fight social discrimination, Jesus openly criticized the self-righteous arrogance of the religious experts and knowingly antagonized them by enjoying intimate fellowship with sinners and outcasts. For example in Matthew 9:13 when He said, I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners and also in Luke 5:27-23, a story of how He met Levi the tax collector and how the Pharisees and Scribes complained about it. Therefore, social justice of Jesus who is characterized by giving according to need viewed in Levis story, Jesus also assessed a new community, which was inclusive, and the poor were to be given preferential option. CONCLUSION. Indeed, both Old and New Testament provide Biblical justice which is entirely consist of social justice that is concerned only with the giving according to the need because it is a complex multifaceted reality. It relates to every dimension of human experience. Biblical justice to its social justice seeks to restore dignity to those who have been unjustly deprived of, to meet their basic needs. Jesus proclaimed of the Kingdom of God as a social justice. That is, proper use of wealthy and not excluding the weak and the vulnerable from participation in national matters.

Marketing analysis of texas instruments inc

Marketing analysis of texas instruments inc The company was founded in 1930 and adopted the name of Texas Instrument Incorporated in 1951. It entered the market of semiconductor in 1954 and was the first company to go global. Texas Instrument (TI) is famous for inventing the integrated circuit in 1958, thanks to Jack Killby who won the Physic Nobel Prize in 2000, and the handheld calculator in 1967. TI has always been among the Top 10 of the semiconductor sales leaders. In 2010, TI had revenue of 13.97 billions of dollars (see table below): TI has a 1.20 billion of dollars capital expenditures and cumulates worldwide about 38,000 patents. The company got a global presence in manufacturing, design or sales operations in 30 countries, which represents more than 80,000 customers worldwide for about 28,400 employees. The headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Rich Templeton is the chairman, President and CEO of Texas Instruments. The main products of the company are Semiconductors (Amplifiers Linear, Audio, Automotive, Clocks Timers, Data Converters, Interface, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Processors), DLPÂ ® TV, Projectors, Cinema and Calculators Education Technology. TI has always been among the Top 10 of the semiconductor sales leaders. In 2010 TI is ranking 4 behind Intel Corporation, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba Semiconductors. Its other main competitors are Microchip Technology, Cypress Semiconductor, Integrated Device Technology and Xilinx. TI has the largest market share (14%) in the semiconductor industry which has an estimated market of 37 billions of dollar according to latest reports from Gartner. (See table below). This report will represent the main marketing activities of Texas Instruments Incorporated. The report has three parts: firstly, the organisations orientation, secondly, the audit (external and internal) of the organization and thirdly, the impact of the organisations marketing mix (positive and negative). TI orientation CONCEPT (Rajshekhar Raj 2006) To reach the goals of TI orientation, it has to be a relationship between the customer relationship management and the international service marketing research like it shows in the figure above. In order to make profits and increase the market share of a company, organisations have to develop marketing strategies. The idea is to reach the customer by meeting his needs and expectations. By understanding the market (surveys and researches), the company can make marketing decisions and implement a long term relationship strategies. Kotler said Todays successful companies have one thing in common: their success comes from a strong customer focus and heavy commitment to marketing. ( 2005) The modern marketing concept can be expressed as: The achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations better than the competition.(Jobber. 2010:4) Marketing Concept The meeting of customer needs better than the expectations and the competition Integrated effort All staff accepts the responsibility for creating customer satisfaction Goal achievement The belief that corporate goals can be achieved through customer satisfaction Customer Orientation Corporate activities are focused On providing customer satisfaction (Jobber: 2010:4) All companies, and so on Texas Instruments that interest us, have the choice between 4 main marketing orientations: Product orientation Products that have good innovative characteristics and also the best quality that might match the customers needs and their satisfactions criteria; this is considered as an investment for the business in order to continue their sales strategies. ( Sales orientation The Company constructs a large-scale of selling, promotion, and advertising without any concerns about customer satisfaction. ( Production orientation To focus on minimized production cost in order to attract more customers, to attain economies of scales by having a limited range of products. (Jobber.2010:4); the company takes into account the competitions and market segments to focus on the cost of the product and its production range. (Jobber: 2010:5) Production capabilities: Focus of the production orientation. Manufacture product: the production line or cycle from the suppliers to the customer. Aggressive sales effort: Effort to sell and develop the marketing of the products. Customers: Customers who are demanding the products. Marketing orientation The Company must stay close to their customer and understand their need and problems. (Jobber. 2010:5) Figure 6: Marketing Orientation (Jobber 2010:5) This figure shows the approach to follow to reach the customers by understanding the potential market opportunities and the marketing products and services and by responding to the demanded requirements. (Jobber 2010:5-6) TI ORIENTATION THE COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE OF TI According to Michael Porter, the Competitive Advantage grows out of value a firm is able to create for their buyer that is exceeds the firms cost of creating it. Value is what buyer are willing to pay, and superior value stems from offering lower prices than competitor for equivalent benefit or providing unique benefits that more than offset a higher price. There are two basics type of competitive advantage: cost leadership and differentiation. (Porter, M. 1985:3) With other words, the competitive advantage can be achieved by creating a differential advantage or achieving the lower cost position (Johnson, 8th edition, 2009). There are two different competitive strategies to have an advantage on the competitors: the differentiation of the product and the cost of the product. The main analysis of competitive advantage is the Generic Strategy of Porter. The company has a relative position within an industry is given by its choice of competitive advantage: Cost Leadership versus Differentiation and its choice of competitive scope: firm targets broad industry segment or focuses on a narrow segment. (Jobber, 2010:714) The business makes a choice about the type and scope of its competitive advantages. (Porter, 1985, 12) We need now to take care of the external analysis and the internal analysis of TI marketing activities that will help TI to develop their own strategies. The internal view is based on industry structure and more precisely on decision of the Business. The (external) analysis of competitor is crucial to create a successful marketing strategy. (Porter, 1985) Audit of TI 1) PESTEL analysis When contemplated for the audit of Texas Instruments Inc., it is very much cognizance to utilize the PESTEL analysis for showcasing the frame work of macro-environmental factors. Texas instruments Incorporated are prominent in designing, manufacturing and selling of semi-conductors. It has four main segments involved that include Analog, Embedded Processing, Wireless and Other in which Analog and Embedded Processing is considered being the protuberant of primary growth eventually focusing its resources on the two segments. Political factors Initially excogitating the Political factors that lays high stake on the company takes to intervenes i.e.., its degree of intervene, effects of the interpose on the political stability of the company. In 2005, while positioning the portfolios, it has been judged that by the end of this decade, Texas Instruments Inc. will have an increase in the earning potential. Considering this, it has been noted that TXN has long term earning power and clearly witnessed at the present stage. (S.Parker2005: 01, Zipper.1992) Economic factors It is difficult to delineate dimensions and duration of the semi-conductor cycle. Earlier it was considered that if the situation strikingly disintegrates, or if the economy weakens, TXN is likely to outperform its rival and competitor, Intel. As contrary in direction, if the condition continues to improve, it will be highly difficult to judge the future performance of the company with respect to its benchmarked market position. (The Associated Guide.2011) In the earlier stages, TXN was pertained to the anticipation of cellular handset sales, especially from its then leading customer, Nokia. Due to some negative flow of news, the handsets where likely to under-perform during a short term (S.Parker.2005). Notable past event that accounts to the overall economic status of TXN: In order to justify the fact that TXN tried to cut short its dull portfolios and concentrate more on the growing markets with its RD, contemplating the earlier activities of TXN such as terminating a decades-long striving effort and endurance to survive in the computer line market, Texas instruments sold its business computer line to its then competitor, Hewlett-Packard. The above table and grapgh illustrates the distribution of revenue among TXNs four main segements As mentioned earlier, TXN focusses its resources mainly on Analog and Embedded Processing.The financial consequences of deficient or excess inventory levels in Texas Instruments Inc. i.e., the demand which varies with the past visualizations constitue to the economic factors that held stake over the company. Another issue added to it was the prejudice of Tis non-financial assests. Social factors Whilst sorting out the various factors that affects or holds stakes towards the company, social factors which includes cultural aspects, distribution ratios, change in social trends that has its own effects on the company, etc., are also considered to be imporatant as analysing these will help the company gain better knowledge over the industrial needs and the consumers perspective towards the company. Texas Instruments Incorporation has three main objectives towards increasing its revenue with respect to social factors. First objective being the growing of revenue at a much faster rate than that of the current market. The second being the growing of earnings per share at a higher pace that the obtained and obtaining revenue. The third main general objective towards its financial terms being the efficient usage of the captital. The countries where Tis suppliers and customers are located or operated has an varrying constituting level based on the social conditions of the countries which includes health conditions, security risks, varrying trasnportation facilities, fluctuation in the exchange rates of different currencies (Kurtz, Mac Kenzie, Snow209: 2011) The Corporate Responsibility magazine has announced Texas Instruments Inc. as one among the top corporate citizens for the ninth time with respect to the human rights, employee relations, governance, philanthrophy, environment, climatic changes and financial weightings ( 2011) Ti(India) is the first multinational company setting its one of the largest RD centres for the first time time outside the USA. ( c.2011) Technological factors Analysing the various factors influencing Ti, it becomes apparent that Ti focusses heavily on RD as it helps Ti to navigate through the competettive market. Innovation in technology plays a major role in making its products markettable. To levitate its products, one of the latest innovation was usage of Power Line Communication(PLC) which offers a cost effective mode of communication media for a broader magnitutde of applications. The above figure depicts that Texas Instruments( Ti) developers can optimize their applications based on their need and can modify to the new standards, (Olivier Monnier2010: 2) TI Delivers Flexible Power Line Communications Solutions The main components for its current top positioning appear to be flexible but Ti follows varying procedures to survive. One such is the procedure of periodically implementing new manufacturing technologies, equipments, testing methods and even with the subcontract services (Scarisbrick: 1996). The company along with its competitors strives with the best possible innovative products. However it is advisable for Ti to reduce its level of inventory except for the range of Analog (S.Parker2005: 15). Bringing out innovative products alone does not state a company in the top ranking list. Considering this, Ti also concentrates on the product life cycle developments. As it is well known that Ti does not concentrates much on the end users, it is important to get regular feedbacks regarding the product life cycle and its reliability. It arranges separate programs to carry on with these processes. ( c. 2011, c. 2010) Environmental factors Whilst analysing the environmental factors of Texas Instruments Incorporation, at present it is highly importunate to follow up the recent tragedy that happened in Japan causing a substantial loss of lives and materials including the manufacturing site of TXN bases on the cities of Miho and Aizu-wakamatsuthat, Japan. From the reports of the company, it is clear that TXN will reinstate its manufacturing site, initiating with many different line in the unit. TXN has set up alternate manufacturing sites for about 60% of the wafer production from the Miho plant. Some of the substantial damage at the Miho due to the earthquake: The delivery channels which includes its infrastructure systems were damaged but resetting those damages are in progress and expected to be over in a few weeks of time. The seems to be an unclear state in the manufacturing equipments due to the highly interepted power supply. On an over view it has been clearly noted that the Miho building has a very obtuse damage apparently making the main struture to be certified usable. TXN keenly recognizes the following important factors that might cause discernible results that differ from the expectation of the company such as: The change or revolutionize the market environment of semi-conductors especially in the principal markets like consumer electronics and consumer. At the present stage, the improvement in technology environment in the present stage has made Texas Instruments Inc. raise its ability to develop, manufacture and market its products. Considering the sour fact that the marketing strategies of Texas Instruments are considered to be unsatisfactory when compared with its counter parts, TXN competed in the highly competitive market with its innovative product and challenging prices (L.Shanklin1998: 10). Natural happenstances like drastic weather changes, floods, earthquakes and other calamities constitute to the environmental factors are overcome by the companys pre-stated strategies. Taking into account for the usage of eco-friendly products, Ti moves towards lead free products ( c. 2011, c. 2010). Legal factors For any multinational Plc, it is very much certain that there are many awaiting varying legal factors in different countries in which the other units are located. Now this becomes apparent for TXN to face such legal issues which might have greater effects on the company ( c. 2010). Legal factors recognized by TXN as major issues for the company: The license agreements between Ti and its stake holders tend to be different in different countries. The expiry of patent licenses and agreement might lead the other companies to capitalize over TXN, which follows by the risk of any apertures in the agreements due to the countrys laws. The changes in tax that are brought about by governments of various countries, the change in jurisdictions could cause outcomes such as instability in the tax audits. The product liability and warrantee differs from place to place depending upon the law prevalent. 2) SWOT Analysis Strengths: Obviously, Texas Instruments has been considered as pioneer and the leader in technology and innovations of semiconductor products ranging from defence, metallurgical and digital products. Its reputation and track record as an institution build TIs credibility and integrity in the market. The existing manpower and connoisseurship of the company and its technology used will always provide TI the leverage to significantly cut the production costs without compromising the quality of their products. The strategic global locations of the TIs expanded operations in North America, Asia and in Europe, paved the way for TI to widen its reach in the industry. The expanded operation in some parts of the world strengthens the brand recognition of TI being well known for its product innovation and diversification. TI is also aware of social and environment issues by continuous improvement on production safety improvement, community involvement and sustainability as it has been being awarded from The Worlds Most Ethical Companies Ranking since 2007 (Eethisphere 2011). All of these factors can be valuable resources to advance TIs market presence and increase its share in the industry. Weaknesses: Texas Instruments being a leader and one of Americas pioneers in electronic industry was far more focused on product development, innovation and diversification to the extent that it overlooked the marketing side of the business. Its concentration is on the technological development created the loophole of lacking the skilled and strategic marketing power of the company. This has been evidenced by the fact that the entire marketing arm of the company is heavily reliant on its distributors. Its dependency on the distributors weakens the companys capacity to saturate the market despite its prominent brands and quality products sold. Opportunities: The recent changes in market dynamics for electronics offered an opportunity for TI to evolve as an organization. This calls for the company to reorganise itself to cope with the demands in the changing market. This means that the existing organisational set up or structure has to be change to suit the existing market dynamics. It is therefore a chance for TI to grow and develop as an organisation at pace with time. Its recent innovations in the market also provided the platform for the company to establish an improved customer services. With the existing technologies and leadership in the industry, TI can afford to compete in the market through price matching and discount referral to its patrons. Also, its expertise and technological advancement being the trusted name in the industry can provide greater opportunity for TI to create product differentiation through intensive research and development schemes. This therefore changes the image of the companys products as commodities but rather can create an image as a technology and a brand. In this case, TI can therefore increase its market share through branding. Threats: The emergence of new competitors, introduction of global prising system that conforms the prices of distributors threatens the survival of Texas Instruments in the market. The emergence of new and innovative companies produces stiff competition in the market. TIs tendencies to lost share in the market are higher along with its loss of distributors who adopted global pricing system. TIs non-conformance to the latest trend of global pricing system threatens its business relationship with distributors who happened to be the companys backbone in and perhaps life blood in marketing. If it has to survive in the market, corresponding measures should be carried to address these existing threats. Alternatives/options: Based on the herein stated SWOT Analysis of TI there are options that needs to be considered in order for TI to survive in the market and increase its profitability. These alternatives are based on the principle of utilising its existing organisational strengths and opportunities to overcome its weakness and prevent the perceived and existing adverse effects of threats. The following alternatives are as follows: a. TI shall implement reorganisation/ restructuring This means that an organisational overhaul should be done. Its existing structure and set-up which was established to address the dynamics and development of the market several years back are no longer relevant or responsive to the existing market dynamics. Also, this allows TI to set up a new breed of leaders in the company who can understand and cope with the existing dynamics. Traditional knowledge in the industry should blend with the new trend of innovative market. It is very vital for TI to evolve as an organisation and operate according to the recent market developments. Its structure should be responsive to the prevailing market demands and procedural process. Once the organisational set up has been updated it is now ready to implement the succeeding changes in terms of marketing and financial strategies. b. Product Differentiation TI being a popular and well known for quality products in the market was the only advantage it has in the market. However, its technological advancement and continuing product innovation was not being utilised to differentiate its product from the normal commodities in the market. Thus, it is a best alternative for the company to emphasise its research and development capacities as an institution in the development of new and quality products. Thus, its research and development capacities and expertise as an organisation will be magnified in the market in order to create product differentiation of the TIs production. c. Direct Selling/Servicing to Small and Medium Businesses The untapped market segment of TI was the growing small and medium businesses. This happened due to TIs heavy reliance on distributors. It is one of the best marketing option that TI should engage direct business with the small and medium scale businesses in order to widen its scope and reach in the market. Though this sector is not so lucrative when it comes to profit but its number is continually growing and most of them are locally operating. Therefore, this will minimise reliance on distributors and will promote market survival. e. Competitive Pricing Consistent with the product differentiation strategy, it is not advisable for TI to conform the global pricing system. What is appropriate with its existing market status is to develop a competitive pricing system. Since its credibility and track has been well established and with the advancement of its technology used in production methods, it is certain that TI can produce quality product at a competitive price. Its expertise in the production side can be leverage for TI to reduce its operational and producti0n cost through mechanisation.

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Henrik Isbens A Dolls House Essay -- A Dolls House Essays

A Doll’s House   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In past history, society has been both very prejudiced and traditional with its view of gender roles. Often times a woman would not have had the same right to something as a man did. Many women however went against the law and tradition to do what they thought was right. In Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, Nora does something that is unimaginable during the time period. Nora’s husband Torvald believes he is the man of the house and that his wife should be grateful and entertaining for him. Nora however signs her father’s name to a document in an attempt to do something she feels is right. What she doesn’t realize though is that by doing so she has committed forgery. Nora’s act of forgery was inspired by many reasons, and resulted in both expected and unexpected outcomes.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nora was inclined for many reasons to commit the forgery. At the time Torvald was on the verge of dying and Nora desperately wanted to save him. Doctors warned Nora that her husband’s â€Å"life was in danger† and the only thing that would â€Å"save him [was] a stay in the south† (Ibsen 976). Nora couldn’t afford to travel though and was forced to somehow find the money. During this time period however â€Å"a wife [couldn’t] borrow without her husband’s consent†, so Nora had to get a man’s signature to take out a loan (976). Nora knew Torvald would not take out a loan because it would hurt his reputation as a banker, so she forged her father’...

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Fossil Fuel versus Solar Power: Where the Line Meets the Circle Essay

Fossil Fuel versus Solar Power: Where the Line Meets the Circle There are a number of benefits to building a house that utilizes direct solar energy as compared to current conventional designs, which are largely powered and heated by energy from fossil fuels. According to a number of estimates, it is actually cheaper in the long term to incorporate solar energy into building design. Solar energy is far cleaner than fossil fuel derived energy, and therefore is far less impacting on the health of humans and the environment. There are a number of innovative technologies that have been developed for nearly every application of solar energy, thus making its use comparably convenient to fossil fuel use, but with greater assurance of long-term dependability. While it is currently still cheaper to build a home around the theme of fossil fuel power, the cheap supply of this finite resource is rapidly diminishing. The years that are left in which fossil fuels will be accessible to the general public are numbered for certain. One of the factors contributing to the widespread misconception that this is not so is the overestimation of fossil fuel reserves due to varying regulations regarding proved oil reserves among different countries (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). Problems of this nature have occurred with the former Soviet Union (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). Another factor is deliberate misrepresentation, which is highly probable in the case of OPEC estimates from 1998, in which three hundred billion barrels of oil were added to OPEC reserve estimates without any accompanying reserve discoveries (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). While fossil fuels are a form of stored solar energy and thus finite, direct solar energy can be consid...’s natural energy flows. This could be described as an interdependent system rather than a dependent system as is the case with fossil fuels. References Cited Campbell, C.J. & Laherrere, J.H. (1998). The End of Cheap Oil: global production of conventional oil will begin to decline sooner than most people think, probably within ten years. Scientific American. Gould, S.J. (2000). The Golden Rule: a proper scale for our environmental crisis. Chapter nine from The Earth Around Us: maintaining a livable planet. New York, Freeman. Web references: Glass on Web. (2003). National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2000). (1997 - 2001). Sun Ovens International, Inc. (2003).

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the eu egyptian partnership :: essays research papers

A new round of EU - Egyptian association agreement negotiations started in Cairo with the objective of ratifying an agreement between the two sides. During their two-day deliberations the two sides will discuss three main issues, covering "renovation of industry, the exports, rules of origin (the original source of the production) and agriculture." A comprehensive report will be submitted on the results of the meetings which will conclude today to the political leadership in Egypt and the European Union to take the proper decision concerning pending issues, foremost being agricultural issues. The Egyptian side is led by chief of the partnership unity at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Gamal al Bayoumi, and the EU by the head of unity, Peter Zingle Taking part in the session were a number of negotiators in all matters debated for discussions, especially agricultural issues. It is expected that number of these issues will be totally settled at the end of the meetings, and a number of agricultural issues will be left for decisions to be taken on the political level by the European and Egyptian sides. The new round of negotiations for Egyptian partnership with the European Union, is to be held in Cairo, on November 9 - 12. Egypt's assistant foreign minister and chairman of Egyptian - European partnership, Gamal Bayoumi, said that the new talks are aimed at resolving as many issues as possible, so the EU and Egypt can submit subjects that are not settled yet to their political leadership. Despite grave shortcomings in environmental provisions, the EU's association and trade agreement with Egypt has been adopted at the EU's General Council meeting in Luxembourg from 21-22 June 1999, warns Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), a federation of independent environmental groups in 29 countries. The association agreement now needs to be reviewed in a high-level ministerial committee in Egypt, then to be signed in autumn and afterwards ratified in the 15 EU national parliaments and the European Parliament. 'At this stage we will call upon government representatives in the EU and in the Egyptian government not to sign the agreement. Deficiencies in environmental protection measures first need to be rectified so that an association agreement will lead to the benefit for the people and the environment', says Alexandra Wandel, Trade and Sustainability expert of FoEE. 'The EU committed itself in various EU and international agreements to incorporate environmental considerations int o all its community policies. The EU does not live up to its commitments in the association agreement with Egypt.

Internet Pornography: Solving Elusive Problem Essay

No one can deny the immeasurable benefits of the internet to the society as a whole. It is a limitless source of information that offers an array of helpful, constructive and educational material for people of all ages. However, like anything else, it does not come with benefits alone. Internet is highly susceptible to bring harm to users in general, and children and minors in particular, through its free and immense exposure to pornography. However small a content of the Internet on the whole this maybe, it is bound to bring a greater harm to the young minds as well as adult, than the benefits from the largely available advantageous information. This paper will examine the extent of this harm with support of latest research and literature, and the latest methods from a state and local level that are being used to combat the pervasiveness and easy access to the internet porn. Body of Paper The internet was originally built by the US military as a means of nuclear-assault-proof communication. The universities soon saw the value of a worldwide communication network and researchers from across the world began to distribute their work with contemporaries. But hackers began to break into the system so that eventually, for a small fee, it was decided to launch the network to all comers. Soon it was spread throughout the world at increasingly less cost and effort. The flow of information, knowledge and experiences thus shared was immense and of great value and benefit. However the information and content so readily available at this network has not necessarily been educational and enlightening. There is material sexually explicit in nature including pornography of all genders including children. The ironic part is that all such material is available freely without ant sort of restriction, in just a matter of keyboard punches. The internet users have a great number of children and minors who supposedly access to the internet for research and educational purposes. These children are conveniently exposed to such explicit materials, which harm their young minds and caste detrimental effects on their psychology. According to a study conducted by London School of Economics in year 2004, the children of age even as less as nine, are falling victims to the negative face of Internet every time they use it. The even more problematic element is the ignorance of parents of the risks associated with such a damaging issue. This study surveyed 1,100 children of ages between nine and nineteen and found that almost sixty percent of these regular Internet users frequently fell prey to the hurtful explicit material of pornography. Below are the key findings of this survey: ? â€Å"Nearly six in 10 have come into contact with online pornography. ? 38 per cent have seen a pornographic popup advert while doing something else. ? 36 per cent have accidentally found a pornographic website. ? 25 per cent have received pornographic junk mail by email or text. 10 per cent have visited a pornographic website on purpose. † (The Evening Standard, 2004, Pg. 6) In an article by Azy Barak and William A. Fisher (2001), the widespread porn on the internet and its progressive trend has been pointed out. â€Å"Current reports indicate variously that the online pornography industry will gross $366 million by 2001 (Spenger, 1999) or that it already grosses in excess of $1 billion (â€Å"Blue Money,† 1999), and reports indicate that a spectacular 69% of all e-commerce involves the purchase of sexual materials (â€Å"Blue Money,† 1999). Other sources report that 15% of all Internet users accessed one of the top five â€Å"Adult† websites in a recent month (Cooper et al, 1999), that sex is the most frequently searched topic on the Internet (Freeman-Longo & Blanchard, 1998), and that all of the top eight word searches on the Internet involve pornography (Sparrow & Griffiths, 1997). † (Barak and Fisher (2001)) The social and psychological effects of such ever more and cheaply accessible pornography on the minds of individuals, both adult and children is devastating. Such explicit images and videos contaminate the mentality and psyche leading towards appalling actions and exploitations. After engaging into extensive viewing of pornography, people get even more provoked and feel an even more intense need for sex. In order to satisfy such needs, people do incline towards forceful attempts, with both opposite genders and the same, even with children. According to an estimate, the attempts and incidents of rape in the United States rose substantially during 1995 to 1999. â€Å"This time interval is by all accounts a period of exponential growth in the availability and use of all forms of Internet sexually explicit materials (Cheney, 2000; Elmer-Dewitt, 1995; Freeman-Longo, 2000; Harmon & Boeringer, 1996; Mehta & Plaza, 1998; Rimm, 1995; Wysocki, 1998). † (Barak and Fisher (2001))

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Chicano Art Essay

Chicano nontextual matter st arted in Mexican American communities inside sustain of the civic rights society, suitable a national art progress with global span which includes CARA discoverion, Los fours and the other(prenominal) exhibitions. The appearance, institutional carry out the ritual though innovation, mythic construct policy-making and urbaneizing engagement. During the 1960s there was a comp one(a)nt going on the world, not exactly did Chicano had to stand up for them. They valued to lift ways to express Chicanos, in meddlesome of ways one popular driving came which is the art.First of all, phantom sighting subsequently the Chicano movement was developed in the early on 2000s this exhibit wanted to console reveal about the Chicano society. The meaning of their exhibit was broken down into three cases. fit to the word of honor, number one- Chicano art produces to be seen, does not exist in the art world. subjugate two- self identified Chicanos who refus e the category. bite three- homonyms for sighting sitting, citing actions that turn the unearthly into something real. I agree with those terms, withal this exhibit was made and feels modernize.In which the book, states that it is a visual of everyday tone thereof we consume to understand that each of the operatives bequeath view the world differently. Further than a century of discrimination adjacent to one of the biggest alternative residing in the United States with the bearing of continues now. Hispanics ar targets of unfairness and are not proffer equivalent opportunities in jobs and learning. The disfavor dates back toward the finish of the Mexican shift while thousands of Mexicans became American citizens overnight. .according to write up, this happened, because of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.That helped them to watch in America. Unfortunately they had a stony time in America, and later than in the three generation of individual innate(p) in America Chican os resolute to uprising. Secondly, another exhibition called Chicano vision American lynx on verge, this exhibit consist majority of paintings. They were Chicano looking ated and at the world though Chicano eyeball , during a reading came across this appealing quote. Hence it correlates with the book of this title. The book has spot up with so many flaws and domineering aspects. maven issue was struggled to gain acceptance in the gallery world, as verbalise in the book. Rather than waiting around, the artists would go and display their processs anywhere that has people, prototype the book said in familiar places wall this has grab viewers economic aid because closely people think of tagging or graffiti. However that is not the reason, artists have reason to put such a mural or scene on the wall. They wanted to tell a story, and expressing how they felt. Wondering what types of bends did artists have? Music, expressionism, impressionism, and photorealism were the reason s as mentioned in the book.GlugioGronkNicandro one influence was listening to the Beatles railroad carlos Almarez has painting style parity as an expressionism. John Valdez has an excellent photorealism painting, called Car level that painting could easily be misinterpreted as a photo, if the artist did not explain what medium was used. In the late 1960s and 1970s form social and political literacy, according to the book therefore 1965 there was a popluar civil right activist, Cesar E Chavez. Who is known to fight with the famers to gain respect and equality the iconographic fingerbreadth is sun mad by Ester Hernandez.One great example is frank Romero, who creates the expiration of Ruben Salazar the painting is remembering on Ruben Salazars death, because he was known as a writer and activist during the 1960s collect with the Chicano movement. In addition, the Chicano Movement not save do the unruly early life of the 20th century form a strong alteration here the connotations conjugated with Mexican-Americans nevertheless they as well did sculpture, paintings, carry through to outward appearance a heathenish personality exceptional and definitely their hold.For the most part viewing on southerly California during the 1940s to the current, Chicano Art looked into former(a) ancestry from Mexican painters like Rivera, Siqueiros, and Kahlo, and they sweep up certain styles and images. Third exhibition, Chicano Art enemy and Affirmation, 1965-1985toured major museums around the United States as the author states, and known too CARA. This is an ambitious response from New York Times.But where the Whitney show remains largely an attempt by art-world insiders to simulate an outsider art, Chicano Art electrical resistance and Affirmation is the real thing, coming sequential from the heart and mind of an entire culture, and having both the vitality and the limitations that such breadth of function and intensity of feeling bring. Agreement within the st atement is highly recommended, those artists have work hard and fought for their place to put an art show and illustrate to the world who are the Chicanos and what is going on in life. overall all three exhibitions are admirable, provided they each have similarities and differences. The exhibits discusses about these topics people, culture, history and political aspects. Phantom sighting is view- conceptual over representative that was stated in a lecture in class. Chicano Visions was look as creating an identity according to the book. CARA points of reasoning, is taken though all different ways such as cultural studies, womens rightist theory, anthropology and semiotics in which the author states.

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Ideal Student Essay

Ideal Student Essay

Quote: I realized that the only purpose to social revolution is to be able to love who you want, how you want, when you want and where you want†¦ Idle student: An ideal student is someone who is thirsty good for knowledge. Such a student will not be distracted in class. After all that is what every teacher desires. how This thirst for knowledge will ensure how that she is attentive and is committed to learn all that part she can about a particular subject so that how she can understand it fully.An best student is a patriot.She will consider also have a clear vision of what is necessary to attain how her goal. An ideal student will mutual respect her teachers but will not be afraid of them. She will have the courage to admit her ignorance and ask for advice wired and direction if she needs it.She will not be the kind of person who accepts  things blindly and learns by rote.Apart extract from studies, he knowingly gets involves in activities.

An ideal student will observe discipline. She free will be punctual and properly dressed.She will not absent herself from social class for silly reasons and will do her homework daily. She will be neat and tidy and observe decorum in class.He achieves success in life by using first time properly.These ideal students would go on to become ideal citizens. Who is an ideal student.?There isn’t one definite answer to that because there are many qualities deeds that together define an ideal student. The most important good quality of an ideal student is that for him.It unquestionably promotes economic economic status of the nation.

Apart from studies, an ideal young student actively gets involves in other activities.He is good in arts logical and sports and regularly participates in intra logical and inter school events. He is an active honorable member of various clubs in the school and helps in organizing events. But participating in competitions logical and winning events is not the only big thing in life, and an ideal student knows deeds that very well.Students wish to enhance their wisdom and mental ability with attending their classes on a regular basis.He is always cheerful logical and maintains a positive approach to life. He large spreads hope and happiness wherever he goes. In short his conduct is admired by everyone. An ideal student is a voracious reader.Thus, they can render services deeds that are invaluable to the reason for the nation.

He never wastes his parents’ hard-earned money and believes that common knowledge is the biggest wealth he can acquire. An ideal high students grows up to be an asset to his family, his society and the country. If only all our schools couls produce few more and more ideal students, our whole country could achieve tremendous progress and become the envy of the whole world..He is an physical embodiment of all of the virtues.Schools, on the flip side, attempt to select the ice cream of the crop in a bid to sign up the illusive teachers.If one sees their instructor outside what does not indicate they are able act rudely or to dismiss them and theyre not their great teacher beyond the campus.

Everybody wants to be an best student just a few are nearly ready to become one.Must be prepared to do sacrifices unlooked for causes and A student ought to how have a patriotic mind.Hes an perfect citizen in the making.Ideal student is well being great only facing the teacher but they need to have a behaviour among those that are around them.

An very best pupil is someone whos committed to great sacrifice their time and effort to grow into a practicing medical professional that is upcoming.Any student can grow into an student deeds that is perfect.Beneficial and good habits are cultivated by him.An medical student is the one whos an all-rounder.

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Maritime Law Essay

On January 6th, 2007 the vessel collided with M. V Container tour climax to wing station. The spend a penny of the smash was c completely fit to treat plotting smirch of tertiary airs channelizes officer from neer touch and un righteousnessful scrap on COLREG 72 from M. V Container. Owners of the M. V Container consumeed her wrong freight rate founder No 1. clog possessor of fertiliser strikeed to proprietor against delays. 4. planetary add up vs. ill-tempered add up (a) superior customary add up is incurred for the wellbeing of exclusively(a) interests precisely the event reason sufficient is in joining with on the solelyton unmatchable of the m whatsoever a nonher(prenominal) interests. b) customary bonny is invariably free and well-read but the concomitant bonnie is an unintended or unannounced calamities. (c) oecumenic h hotshotst out is divided by all those who do benefited by the worldwide mediocre do work. crabbed h abitual is paying(a) by the insurer. (d) world-wide clean whitethorn imply outgo and render on with evil, whereas the position sightly out results from a expiry or damage. 5.Conditions implying honey oil sightly In dedicate for an second of abandon or disbursement to be considered an second of normal average, sestet conditions moldiness(prenominal)iness(prenominal) prevail. a) viridityalty marine post much than one caller moldiness be mired in the contingency so as to be jet ( displaceowner, load owner). (b) tangible and crude endangerment all divisionies essential sustain been very benefited by the yield repayable to a risk of exposure that endangers the impale. (c) comical acquittance mustiness be stately from average leaving because ordinary pass is non allowed for ecumenical average contributions. (d) wise to(p) decisions must be make and the breathing out must be wilful. (e) reasonableness counterintuitive and inessential give or consumption is non valid. f) achiever the sacrificial follow ups must be able to let off the shoes confused in a common ocean encounter from a finicky danger. Where the ship and commitment is on the whole done for(p) altogether, in that location impart be no forefront of popular average. 6. grapheme synopsis In the drive of never laid low(p) and M. V Container, it was delinquent to the slight of tertiary officer in M. V Container who did not acquit to observeion of hit Regulations 1972 which is a interrupt of transnational law, causing the twain vessels to collide. Although neer taken with(p) did nurture a fracture of its own, it did not notwithstanding pique the international law of ocean navigations.In applying the runs of legal profession of smasher Regulations 1972, small-arm A, partitioning 2(a) and divide 2(b), referred to as the customary prudent observe and provides for non-conformance with say rules in h ostel to prevent a smash, because what is rife is to annul or denigrate the negatively charged do of a concussion, as conflicting to blindly succeeding(a) the rules to the letter. The boilers suit absorbed is to besmirch actual collision taking come forward earlier than rule configuration in itself. referable to disregard on the part of M. V Container she forget not be able to claim against never taken with(p) for the repairs of the burden clutch pedal No 1.The load liberation in the encumbrance hold fast No 1 which was missed out-of-pocket to the contingency whitethorn until now form forth rough an go through in tort. If in that respect was whatever get along going away of consignment which was jettisoned in come out to have the ship or expenses incurred by and by the collision in consecrate to provided the impale whitethorn be reasonable for habitual average. As for never touch, the encumbrance owner whitethorn claim either neer potty or M. V Container against delays. stock-still it should and would not be considered in frequent average claims. corresponding as for the movement of M. V Container, the cargo outrage which was confounded due to the stroke may and shoot down intimately an action in tort.If thither was any farther disadvantage of cargo which was jettisoned in golf club to salve the ship or expenses incurred subsequently the collision in align to moreover the dangerous undertaking may be presumable for general average. 7. end As a conclusion, collisions may hold up to a serial publication of claims and actions. These series of events may bring slightly the finishing a number of acts. It is great though to go through that full general ordinary nevertheless constitute if the act of sacrifice or cost is voluntary in magnitude to take over a common adventure from wide-cut loss at sea.