Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blog Spot Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Blog Spot - Essay Example Iraq was then supposedly occupied by the Americans with the initial purpose of ensuring peace, progress, and modernity there and rescuing the public of Iraq from heavy influence exercised by the rigid and exacting government. It is my argument that though America presented many justifiable reasons for invading Iraq, the deteriorating condition of Iraq and the helpless condition of the American troops patrolling there have collectively imposed such a heavy burden on the economy of America that millions of families are getting badly affected owing to this purposeless war while not meeting the criteria given by the hawks. Proponents of the invasion of Iraq had a few primary justifications. There were fears that Saddam Hussein was developing WMDs. There was concern that he had been connected to al Qaeda cells (Rumsfeld, 2009). And, of course, he was a brutal dictator. One problem was that they kept offering different justifications, saying that one was central one day and the other the next, but the case did look compelling initially. They also claimed UN Security Council support. Some had messianic justifications: Falwell also argues that the Iraq war is justifiable and was indeed initiated by God’s will and authority (2004). Meanwhile, opponents said that the war was illegal. The UN Charter makes it illegal for countries to unilaterally invade other countries, no matter what other Resolutions are on the table. The Security Council had not acted, so it was illegal. They argued that the war would lead to more terrorism, a claim that seemed to become compelling in the aftermath of the invasion as suicide bombings began in a country that did not have them prior. They also argued that Saddam Hussein had no WMDs, which was hard to tell at the time but became prescient when it was discovered that he didnt. They argued that the invasion could lead to looting of WMDs, and that the invasion was mostly about securing oil and resources for

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