Thursday, September 12, 2019

Building the Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Building the Research - Assignment Example er to attain a better understanding about the method of SERVQUAL as an effective means of measuring the quality of services offered by companies to the customers. The study mainly linked the aspect of service quality with certain specific factors relating to the behavior of customers such as assurance, empathy, reliability and responsiveness. The factors are discussed in detail hereunder. The research study conducted by Parasuraman et al. (1998) has presented an elaborative understanding about the importance of assurance, empathy, reliability and responsiveness of the customers with regard to service quality. The aspect of empathy mainly comprises carting and individualized attitude of the company towards their customers. Analysis of the results of the survey suggested that empathy as a service quality dimension showed utmost reliability within the research study, which can also be confirmed from the value of Cronbach’s alpha for empathy with an average value of 0.75. However, in comparison to the other variables within the service dimension, empathy holds the least significance in this particular case. Assurance mainly depicts the ability of the customers to reveal trust and confidence on the company. For this particular aspect, the Cronbach’s alpha value was around 8.5 on an average, which shows higher reliability. Notably, among the mentioned dimension, assurance was among the most vital. This particular dimension mainly defines the ability to execute a particular service with utmost dependability and accuracy to an extent. Within the dimension, this particular component holds a reliability value of around 8.0, which is quite high. Based on the survey, the element of reliability is among the most important dimension on the basis of consistency. This particular element mainly refers to the willingness of the companies to ensure quality services for the customers. However, on the basis of reliability, this particular element holds the least number. The

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